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Support Documents & Software Downloads

The File Library is a list of all the product manuals, release notes, quick-start guides (QSGs), and other support documents that may be useful to FinishLynx users. You will also find direct download links for various software and firmware applications. For more information on a specific product, please visit the products section.

Latest Version of FinishLynx
NameFile Size
FinishLynx 12.203 MBDownload

Download the Quick Start Guides

QSG – Camera BIOS Chip Replacement GuideQuickDownload
QSG – Championship Elite VisionQuickDownload
QSG – Competition Elite VisionQuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+ (no hub)QuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+ (with hub)QuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+ AlignmentQuickDownload
QSG – Etherlynx 2000+ CameraQuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+, Fusion, And PRO CameraQuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx Vision Camera SetupQuickDownload
QSG – FieldLynxQuickDownload
QSG – FinishLynx & Hytek Networking (Win7)QuickDownload
QSG – FinishLynx & Hytek Networking (Win8)QuickDownload
QSG – IdentiLynx SR & HRSQuickDownload
QSG – IdentiLynx+ SeriesQuickDownload
QSG – Internal RadioLynxQuickDownload
QSG – IPICO Elite ReaderQuickDownload
QSG – IPICO Lite ReaderQuickDownload
QSG – LaserLynxQuickDownload
QSG – Lynx Infield DisplayQuickDownload
QSG – LynxPadQuickDownload
QSG – LynxPad Networking (Win7)QuickDownload
QSG – LynxPad with FinishLynxQuickDownload
QSG – Manual Lap Scoring Tips for Track & FieldQuickDownload
QSG – MYLAPS BibTag SystemQuickDownload
QSG – MYLAPS Timing & ScoringQuickDownload
QSG – Network COM Port (NCP) Plug-inQuickDownload
QSG – RadioLynx Wireless StartQuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime (Official Starter)QuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime (Recall Starter)QuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime ChampionshipQuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime TrainingQuickDownload
QSG – Remote Positioner Motor: Home RepairQuickDownload
QSG – ResulTVQuickDownload
QSG – Submit a Repair RMA to LynxQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Bronze PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Diamond PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Gold PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Platinum PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Scholastic PackageQuickDownload
QSG – Vision Championship Elite Athletics Package SetupQuickDownload
QSG – Vision Competition Athletics Package SetupQuickDownload
QSG – Wind Gauge ControllerQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Silver PackageQuickDownload

Download Product Manuals

FinishLynx 10.01 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 10.03 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 10.04 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 10.10 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 10.11 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 10.12 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 11.00 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 11.10 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 11.20 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 11.22 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 11.23 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 12.00 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 12.10 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 12.20 Release NotesManualDownload
FinishLynx 4 ManualManualDownload
FinishLynx 5-10 Release Notes (Combined)ManualDownload
FinishLynx Remote ControlManualDownload
LDP ManualManualDownload
LDP ProtocolManualDownload
Lynx LapTime ProtocolManualDownload
LynxPad 3.11 Release NotesManualDownload
LynxPad 3.20 Release NotesManualDownload
LynxPad 3.24 Release NotesManualDownload
LynxPad User GuideManualDownload
MYLAPS BibTag System ManualManualDownload
ResulTV ManualManualDownload

Download Other Versions of FinishLynx

[archived] FinishLynx 10.01SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 10.03SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 10.04SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 10.10SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 10.11SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 10.12SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 11.00SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 11.10SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 11.20SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 11.22SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 11.23SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 12.10SoftwareDownload
[archived] FinishLynx-12.00SoftwareDownload
FinishLynx 12.20SoftwareDownload

Download Archived Documents