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VeriLynx V30 Video Camera

Under World Athletics Technical Rule 30.1.1, horizontal jump take-off failures are re-defined to include any breaking of the vertical plane of the take-off line. Rule 29.5 strongly encourages judges to use video or other technology to assist the decision process. VeriLynx cameras, along with special configuration of the FinishLynx software, can be used for this purpose. The VeriLynx V30 camera captures up to 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 fps. The camera includes an auto-iris motorized lens so the zoom and focus can be adjusted remotely within the FinishLynx software. It also has a sturdy housing that protects the lens and rear connections from moisture and damage. Set up the VeriLynx camera at your next field event and start capturing high-definition, time-stamped videos to verify each attempt.
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FinishLynx software version 12.00 and later includes the VeriLynx profile. This profile is customized to support the use of VeriLynx cameras for video review of field events, such as the verification of take-off fouls in the Long or Triple Jump events. Align the VeriLynx camera with the take-off board, load the field event start list, capture, verify, and timestamp every attempt. VeriLynx will save all images to disk in real-time (no image loss) and allow you to quickly review every attempt for every athlete, providing proof in case of a foul.

VeriLynx also has the option of exporting a JPEG of each attempt automatically when marking a frame, and keeping multiple VeriLynx image panes synchronized (time tracking) to view multiple angles.

VeriLynx Features

  • Remotely adjust the camera’s Zoom and Focus within the FinishLynx software to optimize image quality
  • VeriLynx videos can be advanced and rewound frame-by-frame to ensure judges can find the frames showing the athletes’ attempts. Videos can also be reviewed in real time while the event is still underway.
  • FinishLynx enables the standard EtherLynx camera features to be used with VeriLynx cameras, including zoom, automatic scrolling, gamma, brightness, and contrast adjustment.
  • VeriLynx video images are stored on the computer as individual images and can be printed directly from the FinishLynx software
  • VeriLynx videos can be manually cropped, viewed in forward or reverse, viewed at different speeds, exported to AVI format, and uploaded to the internet if desired.
  • VeriLynx video can be exported to .avi and uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, or other popular services
  • Pre-configured profile available with standard FinishLynx installation giving a customized user interface for field events
  • Ability to load field events from the field event schedule file (fldlynx.sch)
  • Ability to view a vertical line in alignment mode for VeriLynx cameras to facilitate camera alignment with the take-off board
  • Ability to automatically capture based on detected motion and review all attempts from a flight into the same FinishLynx image
  • Ability to set the ACM active area so it is limited to the image’s vertical area of the take-off board
  • Ability to mark/log attempts with the time of day to allow quick review of all attempts for each athlete during or after the event
  • Ability to display the attempt number of each attempt in the Results Zone and on the image using Line Labels
  • Ability to automatically export an image (jpg) when an attempt is marked/logged
  • Ability to time track (scrolling through an image of one camera refreshes the other image panes with the equivalent frame) between images of multiple cameras to easily review different angles, including the option of using a front-facing camera to identify the athlete
VeriLynx Documentation
NameFile Size
VeriLynx V30 Datasheet230 KBDownload
VeriLynx V60 Datasheet230 KBDownload
VeriLynx Quick Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - VeriLynx Field Event Video Verification Guide622 KBDownload
QSG - VeriLynx Camera Troubleshooting Guide213 KBDownload
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