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FinishLynx Online Help Manual

We’re proud to introduce a new FinishLynx support resource — The FinishLynx Online Help Manual

This online support tool has been created to act as a searchable FinishLynx Operator’s Manual combined with years of software release notes**. Not to mention, support videos have been integrated into the relevant sections for added clarity. Some features include the ability to print a page that’s particularly helpful, search hundreds of informational pages at once for exactly what you’re looking for, and use it across all devices as it’s also mobile-friendly. We will continue to update and add to the pages of information, so please send us any feedback or suggestions regarding topics that you’d like to learn more about. 

**Note: The goal of the Online Help Manual is NOT to replace the current Quick-Start Guides that are available.

Benefits of the new online operator’s manual:

  • Up-to-Date: It will constantly be updated with the latest release notes, technology, and software information — unlike the current PDF version of the FinishLynx manual which is a few years old at this point.
  • Searchable: The key feature of this user manual is that it’s a search engine of sorts for FinishLynx information. You’ll no longer need to look through page after page for the answers you’re trying to find. 
  • Mobile-Friendly: Have a question during your meet? Pull up the Online Help Manual to quickly find your solution. Use this resource across all of your devices.

Visit the manual here:

Review some of the site’s core functionality to get the most from the manual:

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