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16×96 Pixel MicroTab LED Display Kit

The 16x96 pixel, 10mm MicroTab LED Display kit from MicroGate includes the display, power supply, internal battery, data cable, and carrying case. It is a popular choice for track and athletics events, and can display running times, finish times, athlete names, wind speeds, and other alphanumeric messages.
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MicroTab LED is the ideal choice for those looking for a single display board with numerous capabilities. The light-weight and compact chassis make it easy to transport and install. And for more complex display tasks, it can be connected very easily with other display modules. Controlled via Microgate chronometers or via PC, MicroTab is fully compatible with your FinishLynx timing system and countless other timing and results accessories.

When connected with your FinishLynx results network, event management software, or other applications, MicroTab can display:

  • Competitor Names
  • Times
  • Speed
  • Scores and Penalties
  • Wind Gauge Measurements
  • Configurable Text and Messages

The display can be equipped with other (optional) plug-ins such as:

  • Internal Battery
  • Wireless Network Card
  • GPS sensor
  • 12/48 V switch for external battery connection
MicroGate Documentation
NameFile Size
MicroTab LED Display User Manual3.7 MBDownload
MicroTab Light LED Display User Manual1.6 MBDownload
Product Version: 3.6.4
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 96 × 16 × 15 cm