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Technical Support

FinishLynx Camera Calibration Information

Technical Support For FinishLynx Timing Systems

We not only pride ourselves on creating a superior product, but also providing world-class technical support to help customers unlock the full potential of FinishLynx technology. Because we offer a wide variety of results hardware, software, and add-ons, the support library contains years of product manuals, release notes, and quick-start guides. Please choose one of the support options below. If you don’t see the document you’re looking for, try the search bar on the top right of the site.

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Again, I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that we really appreciate a company that will stick with their customers throughout all of their questions and problems.

– Brad, Wasatch Track

Setup & Quick-Start Guides

Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Quick-Start Setup Guides

2013-qs1 no hub(2)QuickDownload
2013-qs1 with hubQuickDownload
Capture Button Serial Port UnavailableQuickDownload
FAQ – Export IdentiLynx VideoQuickDownload
FinishLynx Network COM Port (NCP) Plug-inQuickDownload
IdentiLynx SR/HRS QSGQuickDownload
IdentiLynx TroubleshootingQuickDownload
LensCalc21 (3)QuickDownload
LynxPad Meet Manager Networking (Windows 7) QSGQuickDownload
QSG – Camera BIOS Chip Replacement GuideQuickDownload
QSG – Championship Elite VisionQuickDownload
QSG – Competition Elite VisionQuickDownload
QSG – Etherlynx CameraQuickDownload
QSG – FieldLynx: General Setup, Event-Specific InformationQuickDownload
QSG – General EtherLynx CameraQuickDownload
QSG – Internal RadioLynxQuickDownload
QSG – LynxPad 3.1 Meet Management SetupQuickDownload
QSG – Manual Lap Scoring Tips for Track & FieldQuickDownload
QSG – MYLAPS BibTag SystemQuickDownload
QSG – MYLAPS Timing & ScoringQuickDownload
QSG – RadioLynx Wireless StartQuickDownload
QSG – Submit a Repair RMA to LynxQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Bronze PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Diamond PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Gold PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Platinum PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Scholastic PackageQuickDownload
QSG – Vision Championship Elite Athletics Package SetupQuickDownload
QSG – Vision Competition Athletics Package SetupQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Silver PackageQuickDownload
Remote Control Plug-In ComandsQuickDownload
Remote Positioner Motor: Home Repair GuideQuickDownload
Using LynxPad with FinishLynx QSGQuickDownload

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