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IdentiLynx SR Digital Race Timing Camera

The IdentiLynx SR is an Ethernet-based, full-frame digital video camera that integrates with EtherLynx photo-finish cameras to produce time-stamped finish line videos. IdentiLynx video cameras provide high-resolution, front-facing video that is time-synchronized inside FinishLynx to quickly and accurately identify competitors at the finish line. IdentiLynx SR video is time-synchronized with the FinishLynx capture so you can click anywhere on an image and watch the head-on video jump to precisely the same moment; this allows for easy athlete identification using bib numbers or team affiliation. The IdentiLynx SR replaced the standard IdentiLynx+ in July 2022.
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The IdentiLynx SR (Standard Resolution) camera captures up to 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 fps and offers several improvements over past IdentiLynx models. The camera includes an auto-iris motorized lens so the zoom and focus can be adjusted remotely within the FinishLynx software. In addition, it comes with auto-Iris which automatically adjusts, leaving one less thing to worry about during an event. This model is exceptionally sturdier than past models and is water-resistant, protecting the lens and rear connections from moisture and damage better than ever. Set up the IdentiLynx SR at your finish line and start capturing high-definition, time-stamped videos at all your races.

  • Remotely adjust the camera’s zoom and focus within the FinishLynx software to optimize image quality.
  • IdentiLynx SR video is automatically time-synced with the photo-finish image – clicking on a finish line capture will instantly show the corresponding front-facing video frame.
  • IdentiLynx SR videos can be advanced and rewound frame-by-frame to ensure timers can find frames with a clear bib/hip number. Videos can also be reviewed in real time while the race is still underway.
  • Overlay athlete names, times, and affiliations on the video frames from inside FinishLynx.
  • IdentiLynx cameras can be used with the Automatic Capture Mode (ACM) plug-in.
  • FinishLynx enables the standard EtherLynx camera features to be used with IdentiLynx cameras, including zoom, automatic scrolling, gamma, brightness, and contrast adjustment.
  • IdentiLynx SR video images are stored on the computer as individual images and can be printed directly from the FinishLynx software, either with or without included results.
  • IdentiLynx videos can be manually cropped, viewed in forward or reverse, viewed at different speeds, exported to AVI format, and uploaded to the internet if desired.
IdentiLynx Camera Datasheets
NameFile Size
IdentiLynx SR Datasheet428 KBDownload
IdentiLynx HRS Datasheet368 KBDownload
IdentiLynx Quick Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - IdentiLynx SR/HRS Video Camera Setup354 KBDownload
QSG - IdentiLynx Camera Troubleshooting Guide213 KBDownload
QSG - Export IdentiLynx Video to YouTube or File493 KBDownload
Product Version: SR
Weight: 1.2 kg
Lens: 3.1-10mm, 3.2X Optical Zoom, f/1.4-f/2.8, Auto-Iris, Motorized Zoom Lens
Resolution Options: 320 x 240 @ 30 fps 720 x 480 @ 30 fps 800 x 600 @ 30 fps 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps 1280 x 960 @ 30 fps
Max Resolution: 1280 x 960 @ 30 fps
Max Frame Rate: 30 fps (1280 x 960)