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Lynx 360 Display

The Lynx 360 LED video display is custom-designed by Lynx to meet the demands of every competition level, from small high school meets to World Athletics championships. This modular display is available in single or double configuration and uses flexible, weather-proof panels that link in a circle. It also integrates seamlessly with FinishLynx technology to display live results for your events. Four LED panels connect to form a 4 meter circumference and displays high-visibility scrolling or static text, images, results, and animated graphics for superior fan engagement everywhere around the venue. Plus, the 6mm pixel pitch and 6000 nits of brightness ensure that your live results are visible in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Software Compatibility

The display receives data through a standard HDMI connection and is compatible with any software capable of sending graphics to an HDMI-connected display. Connect it to ResulTV to output scrolling graphics of results data from FieldLynx, FieldLynx Lite, or FinishLynx.

Construction & Frame

Each LED panel measures 100cm x 50cm (19.68” x 39.5”) and together creates a 4-meter circumference (127cm diameter). Looking to add some extra height? The display allows stacking 4 additional panels on top to offer a full vertical meter of stunning graphics.

The custom aluminum frame offers solid, weatherproof construction and a lightweight design. The entire unit weighs just 55/101 kg (120/222 lbs) for the single/double options and includes a sturdy storage case on wheels for easy transportation to and from your event. Once assembled, hook the trolley handle to the frame and easily roll the display to the preferred location in the venue.

A removable vinyl cover is also included to cover the top of the display.

Key Features

  • 360-degree view of scrolling graphics
  • Seamless data integration from FieldLynx or FinishLynx via ResulTV
  • HDMI input is compatible with most graphic display programs
  • 6mm pixel-pitch and 6000 nits brightness produces high-visibility graphics suitable for indoor and outdoor events
  • IP65 (front) and IP43 (back) weatherproof design protects the LED hardware from harsh weather conditions
  • Custom aluminum frame supports the LED panels and provides a polished, professional design
  • Trolley handle and wheels makes it easy to move
Scoreboard Documentation
NameFile Size
Lynx 360 Display Datasheet551 KBDownload
QSG - Lynx 360 Display150 KBDownload
QSG - 360 Display Electrical (Single)455 KBDownload
QSG - 360 Display Electrical (Double)449 KBDownload
Dimensions: 4m Circumference