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SeriaLynx Serial-to-Ethernet Adapter

SeriaLynx is a serial-to-Ethernet adapter that allows communication to and from serial devices over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. Adding SeriaLynx to a FinishLynx network allows you to easily send and receive results data between your computer and serial devices like scoreboards, time clocks, wind gauges and more.

SeriaLynx allows you to seamlessly integrate serial devices (and data) across your Ethernet results network. It enables wired or wireless communication to 2 serial devices on a LAN using TCP-IP mapping. The SeriaLynx unit is equipped with 2 serial COM ports, a wired Ethernet port, and an antenna for broadcasting over an 802.11 wireless network. Each unit allows your FinishLynx computer, ResulTV computer, LynxPad computer, or any other computer on the same subnet, to communicate with up to 2 wired serial devices attached to the SeriaLynx COM ports.

  • Multi-Point: Communicate with several serial devices from any computer on your Lynx results network
  • Extend: Use your wireless network to increase the range of your serial devices
  • Unique IP: Configure each SeriaLynx unit with a unique IP address for easy data sharing
  • Integrated: Connect with multiple SeriaLynx devices from inside FinishLynx, FieldLynx, or LynxPad using the NCP Plugin
  • Expand: Send results data to several scoreboards throughout the venue by adding more SeriaLynx units
SeriaLynx Manuals
NameFile Size
SeriaLynx Product Manual (Lantronix)1.4 MBDownload
SeriaLynx Product Manual (Moxa)415.4 KBDownload
Wireless Range: Up to 1000'