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FinishLynx Photo-Finish Timing Software

FinishLynx is the world's most popular and powerful digital photo-finish and sports timing software. When combined with an EtherLynx photo-finish camera, FinishLynx produces time-stamped results images (accurate to .001 or greater) for world-class fully automatic timing. The FinishLynx software also allows users to interface with an endless combination of cameras, scoreboards, and other 3rd-party accessories to create a powerful and secure results network from behind a laptop.

FinishLynx photo-finish  timing software differs from other types of results technology because it powers a full range of EtherLynx line-scan cameras to produce true fully automatic timing (F.A.T.) results accurate to 1/1000th of a second or more. Now that F.A.T. is required by a growing number of national and international athletic organizations (World Athletics, USATF, etc.), we’ve had more and more clubs and federations from across the globe adopting FinishLynx fully automatic timing technology for their race needs.

A line-scan image is comprised of a series of incredibly thin individual pictures of the finish line, and whatever happens to be crossing it, placed one after another. As more and more vertical images are pieced together side-by-side inside of FinishLynx, the picture begins to take shape. Click the image for a closer look.

FinishLynx Photo-Finish Timing Software Allows Users To:

  • Secure file system with enhanced file sharing permissions
  • Control multiple cameras simultaneously, mixing monochrome and color
  • Native virtual memory for continuous imaging (unlimited maximum capture time)
  • User-configurable pari-mutuel specific interface with automatic beaten lengths calculation
  • Real-time serial user-specified scoreboard interface for running time and results
  • Manual or automatic lane identification inside FinishLynx
  • Image/results printing with automatic start indication
  • Intelligent continuous image zoom and rolling scrolling
  • Live video mode for accurate camera alignment
  • Contrast post-processing and gamma control
  • Start-logging capability
  • Object finder and automatic dead space elimination
  • Multi-language support
  • FinishLynx can import/export data directly from/to LynxPad and is also compatible with many 3rd-party database applications.

How Line-scan Cameras Work with FinishLynx

FinishLynx Software
NameFile Size
FinishLynx 12.21 (1/3/2024)3 MBDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 12.20 (1/6/2023)3 MBDownload
[archived] FinishLynx 12.10 (7/6/2022)Download
[archived] FinishLynx 12.00 (11/1/2021)3.3 MBDownload
FinishLynx Sample Files (.exe)182.8 MBDownload
FinishLynx LITE (Scholastic)
NameFile Size
FinishLynx LITE 12.213 MBDownload
[archived] FinishLynx LITE 12.203 MBDownload
[archived] FinishLynx LITE 12.102 MBDownload
[archived] FinishLynx LITE 12.002.5 MBDownload
FinishLynx Help Files
NameFile Size
FinishLynx Help Files (12.21)37 MBDownload
FinishLynx Manuals
NameFile Size
FinishLynx 12.21 Release Notes156 KBDownload
FinishLynx 12.20 Release Notes123 KBDownload
FinishLynx 12.10 Release NotesDownload
FinishLynx 12.00 Release Notes549.0 KB Download
Spanish FinishLynx Manual15.9 MBDownload
FinishLynx Software Plug-ins
NameFile Size
Automatic Capture FinishLynx Plug-in141.9 KBDownload
RadioLynx Wireless Start FinishLynx Plug-in139.9 KBDownload
Network COM Port FinishLynx Plug-in114.9 KBDownload
Lap Time FinishLynx Plug-in118.9 KBDownload
Time Trial FinishLynx Plug-in123.8 KBDownload
Multiple Split Interface FinishLynx Plug-in154.9 KBDownload
External Synchronization Plug-in113.9 KBDownload
Lynx Data Port Plug-In137.9 KBDownload
US Track Packages - QSG
NameFile Size
QSG - Vision Platinum Package High School Setup972.5 KBDownload
QSG - Vision Diamond Package High School Setup1.0 MBDownload
QSG - Vision Gold Package High School Setup827.5 KBDownload
QSG - Vision Silver Package High School Setup768.5 KBDownload
QSG - Vision Bronze Package High School Setup905.6 KBDownload
QSG - Vision Scholastic Package High School Setup783.9 KBDownload
FinishLynx Quick-Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - FinishLynx Windows 8 Meet Manager Networking Setup1.2 MBDownload
QSG - FinishLynx Hytek Meet Manager Networking (Windows 7)1.0 MBDownload
QSG - FinishLynx LynxPad Meet Manager Networking (Windows 7)928.1 KBDownload
QSG - Using an EtherLynx Camera Inside FinishLynx904.0 KBDownload
QSG - Align an EtherLynx Camera with FinishLynx729.2 KBDownload
QSG - Network COM Port (NCP) Plugin34.2 KBDownload
QSG - Using LynxPad with FinishLynx340.8 KBDownload
NameFile Size
FinishLynx Software Datasheet216 KBDownload
Windows 11 Networking Guide343 KBDownload
Windows 10 Networking Guide626.4 KBDownload
ATEN USB Serial Adapter Driver (1.0.084)3.9 MBDownload
USB Capture Button Driver (1A205USB/FTDI)2 MBDownload
Prolific USB Adapter Driver PL2303 (Windows 8)4.1 MBDownload
Prolific Ser2pl64 (.sys) USB Driver Patch42.9 KBDownload
FinishLynx Remote Control10 KBDownload
Product Version: 12.20