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Helpful Resources to Prepare You for Your Upcoming Season

For those who retire their timing equipment for a winter slumber, now’s the time to start waking back up. Spring track season is just around the corner, and we want you to be prepared when it arrives. Get your FinishLynx camera off the shelf and follow the steps below to be ready for whatever life throws at you this season.

We understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and levels of timing experience, so we have numerous resources available for users to become more familiar with their equipment. That’s why we’re presenting you with every resource we have available, all on one page. 

1. Take your camera off the shelf.

This may seem obvious, but we feel it needs to be said. It’s important to perform a visual check of all equipment to make sure nothing is missing or broken ahead of the upcoming season. If you do need to request a repair, you can utilize our online RMA portal.

2. Download the latest version of FinishLynx.

The FinishLynx software is updated periodically and we recommend you download the latest version. Software updates are always free to download. You can find the latest version (currently 12.20) on our FinishLynx Software page along with any supporting documentation. To check what version you’re currently running, open FinishLynx and click Help | About. While you’re here, take note of the FinishLynx serial number. You will need this when installing a new version of the software.

3. Start the learning process or refresh your knowledge with our online resources.

Quick Start Guides – We include a QSG for every product that we ship, but if you misplace your QSG, they can all be found on our website. These documents are essential for learning how to use FinishLynx systems. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up the technology and get it up and running.

Online Manual – Another go-to resource for becoming a FinishLynx master is our online, searchable, mobile-friendly software manual. You can begin with the “Getting Started” section, or look up more specific topics if you’re having trouble with a particular piece of equipment or system. This manual stays up-to-date and new information is added each time the FinishLynx software is updated. 

YouTube Tutorial Videos – More of a visual learner? Not a problem. Our YouTube channel has plenty of technical support videos from the basic hardware setup to more advanced functions within the FinishLynx software. We even have a playlist called “New User FinishLynx Timing System Setup“. Head over to our channel and break out the popcorn to start learning the ins and outs of preparing your hardware and software for your next meet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Since we have quite a bit of experience providing technical support for FinishLynx products and accessories, we put together some of the more common questions that our tech support team has run into over the years. This list includes topics about purchasing FinishLynx, Camera Setup, FinishLynx Software & Networking, and more. Fore more detailed information on how to set up your timing system, you should refer back to our Quick Start Guides, or, as always, our technical support team is just one phone call or email away.

Keyboard Shortcuts – FinishLynx is a powerful software application that interfaces with many database programs and supports a variety of plug-ins and third-party hardware. As a result, the software menus/interface can be intimidating for some new users which is why we’ve created keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts allow users to quickly perform some of the most common commands found during event captures, such as arming or saving an event. The software also allows users to program their own custom shortcuts called “hot-keys.” A list of pre-programmed commands can be found on our Keyboard Shortcuts page.

4. Get to know our technical support team.

Call or Email – Speaking of technical support, here’s how to get in contact with them! We pride ourselves on our ability to help customers in unlocking the full potential of FinishLynx technology. We have tech support via our main line: (978) 556-9780 or reach them by emailing

Technical Support Training – Still stumped? Lynx offers remote training for FinishLynx users at an additional cost. We are also happy to connect you with a local FinishLynx operator in your area who can provide in-person training. Please submit a form here and a member of the Lynx training staff will be in touch shortly.

5. Get Social!

Over the many years that Lynx has been around, we’ve watched as the community of timers and operators has grown. On Facebook, we have a FinishLynx Sports Timers group where members can post technical questions or brag about their latest race (we love the photos- please keep them coming!).

In addition to Facebook, you can also connect with us on TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn. On Instagram, we love re-posting our customers’ content, so once you figure out your system and are ready to show off a little bit, be sure to tag us or use the #FinishLynx hashtag.

2022 Lynx Holiday Schedule

Haverhill, MA – Lynx Headquarters will be closing for the holiday season. After enjoying a company holiday party where we tried our hand at axe throwing and virtual golf, we’re ready to take some needed time off to spend with family and loved ones. Please reference the image below for our holiday hours. As always, we thank the Lynx community for a great year and wish everyone safe and happy holidays!  

Limited technical support will be available during our winter break by calling the office and following the prompts to leave a message: (978) 556-9780. You can also submit a tech support web form, and it is possible that you may receive a response via email.

Holiday Schedule

FAQ: What are the Minimum Computer Requirements to Run FinishLynx?

Windows Operating System 

All FinishLynx software and plug-ins are developed for the Windows operating system. Therefore, all computers used by FinishLynx operators must be running some version of Windows. FinishLynx is not compatible with Apple, iOS, Android, or Linux operating systems. We don’t recommend you try to port the FinishLynx software to another operating system. 

FinishLynx is compatible with all modern versions of Windows, including: 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8+, 10, and 11. If you plan to use FinishLynx with Windows 8, please review the Windows 8 compatibility information provided here

Minimum Computer Specifications 

Generally, any Windows-based computer purchased in the last 10+ years should be powerful enough to run FinishLynx, LynxPad, and all other Lynx software. The more RAM and hard drive space it has, the easier it will be to capture large events. See the table below for our minimum and recommended computer specs. 

Computer SpecificationMinimumRecommended
Operating System Windows 98 or later Windows 10 or later 
Processor Speed 500 MHz 2 GHz Core i7 or higher
RAM 512 MB 8 GB or higher 
Storage 16 GB HD512 GB SSD or higher 
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 1920 x 1080 or higher 
Network Card 10/100 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45 port)
USB 2+ 
Computer FeaturesNumber Pad
Matte Screen

If you require additional technical support, please send an email to or call 978-556-9780.  

A Message from Our New General Manager: Scott Walton

September 2022 – I am excited to have joined the Lynx team which has had an incredible record for delivering best in class products and service to their customers. I look forward to continuing to work closely with each of our partners and I am committed to keeping our current relationships intact and will be exploring opportunities to expand our market moving forward. Support to our product line is vital to our success and I will challenge the Lynx team to field state of the art systems to meet our customer’s changing needs. Our current CEO, Ed Evansen, will remain involved through year-end and his responsibilities will be transitioned during this period. Doug DeAngelis, Owner and President, has agreed to continue on as a consultant after year-end and will support the business for the foreseeable future in a consulting capacity. I thank Ed and Doug for welcoming me to the team and assisting in a smooth transition. Please feel free to contact me should you be in need of assistance or have any questions.

Scott Walton
General Manager
Phone: 978.945.9224

[Closed] Now Hiring: Manufacturing Supervisor

About the Job

We’re winning the race at Nevco-FinishLynx! We want every track and field event, skating rink and race track to utilize the latest in scoring and timing technology. The love of the game is at the forefront of everything we do. The FinishLynx product is arguably the most popular and powerful photo-finish results technology in the world. It is used at major sporting events across the globe, including the Olympic Trials, Kentucky Derby, NASCAR, and the Tour de France. Nevco-FinishLynx, is looking to bolster our manufacturing team with a Manufacturing Supervisor at its Haverhill, MA location. When you join Nevco-FinishLynx, you join a team. It’s what we do together that sets us apart.

This role reports to Director of Manufacturing and manages a small team focused on the production of race-timing and photo-finish technologies.

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Develop and document manufacturing processes
  • Advance quality assurance procedures and standards
  • Drive opportunities for product and process improvement
  • Manage and allocate production manpower resources
  • Resolve order specifications and details with sales department
  • Prioritize production schedules to accommodate customers’ needs
  • Coordinate material planning RMI, WIP, and FGI
  • Support shipping and receiving efforts; including material storage and cycle counting


  • Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, business or engineering OR equivalent experience/certification.
  • 3+ years prior production management experience preferred
  • Technical competencies in electronics manufacturing
  • Proficiency in reporting capacities and MS office suite
  • Strong background in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and team-building abilities

Job Type: Full-time

Location: 179 Ward Hill Ave. Haverhill, MA. Haverhill is an industrial suburb about 25 miles north of Boston. Applicants must be willing to relocate to the Boston area.

How to Apply

Please send your resume to with the subject line: Manufacturing Supervisor

Company Profile

Lynx System Developers is the maker of FinishLynx photo-finish technology and produces fully automatic timing systems and sports technology for markets across the world. The company is privately-owned and located in Haverhill, MA. It was founded in 1992 by President and CTO Doug DeAngelis after he developed the prototype for FinishLynx as a graduate student at MIT. As a long-time runner, DeAngelis saw an opportunity to use digital line-scan technology to produce more accurate photo-finish results for sports. Today, FinishLynx is the most popular (and powerful) photo-finish timing system in the world. It is trusted by thousands of customers, including major sporting events like the Olympic Trials, Kentucky Derby, NASCAR, and the Tour de France.

Nevco Sports, LLC is the largest private manufacturer and provider of display, scoring and audio solutions. For over 85 years, Nevco has provided athletic and recreational facilities of all sizes with the most innovative scoring and LED video display products in the industry. Nevco is known for its specialty in designing custom facility solutions, quality of products, and superior long term financial value. Today, Nevco scoring solutions are used to enhance the fan experience at events in more than 100,000 locations around the world.

Lynx & MYLAPS Join Forces to Expand Product Portfolio

Lynx MYLAPS Logos

HAVERHILL, MA / HAARLEM (July 2022) – Lynx System Developers and MYLAPS Sports Timing are partnering up to offer best-in-class photo-finish and timing technology to athletes and racers. The companies signed a multi-year partnership to offer a wider product portfolio to sports races and venues around the world.

Based in Haverhill, MA, Lynx System Developers offers arguably the most popular and powerful photo-finish results technology in the world. FinishLynx is used at major sporting events across the globe, including the Olympic Trials, Hong Kong Jockey Club, MotoGP and Giro d’Italia. Founded in 1982, MYLAPS is the inventor of automated sports timing and develops state of the art timing technology combined with services to offer the ultimate sports experience to athletes, their followers, and events. MYLAPS products and platforms are used at professional events like the Olympics and INDYCAR to countless local events around the corner.

Picking the Solution that Fits Best

The partnership enables Lynx to offer MYLAPS timing technology to their partners and MYLAPS can add state-of-the-art finish-line cameras to their portfolio. ‘We are excited to partner up with the global market leader in sports timing’, says Edward Evansen, CEO at Lynx System Developers. ‘We can’t wait to start offering premium systems for chip and transponder timing, so our customers can pick the solution that fits them best.’

Creating the Ultimate Sports Experience

Camiel Slaats, CEO at MYLAPS: ‘At MYLAPS we strive to offer the ultimate sports experience to athletes, racers, event organizers, and fans. Adding high-end photo finish cameras to our product portfolio will contribute to a better race experience. We believe this partnership improves our one-stop-shop solution for our partners and we are looking forward to work together with Lynx in the coming years.’

About FinshLynx

Lynx was founded in 1992 by engineers from MIT to leverage line scan technology into photo-finish applications. From day one, our mission statement has been to bring the technologies currently available at the highest levels of sport to a wider market. To overcome the problems often associated with these technologies — low reliability and high cost — via elegant product development. To distinguish our products as they mature by assuring superior value and constantly utilizing customer input. Thirty years later, we are proud to say we remain dedicated to this very same mission statement.

About MYLAPS Sports Timing

At MYLAPS we support racers, athletes, and events in creating their ultimate sports experience. Every year we capture the performance of over 20 million people all over the world. We develop accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use technology to turn data into insights, progress, and fun. Founded in 1982, we have revolutionized the world of sports timing with groundbreaking innovations and set the standard ever since. Our products and platforms are used at professional events like the Olympics and INDYCAR to countless local events around the corner.

More Info

If you have any questions or need Hi Resolution images, please contact Krijn Snuif (Marketing Manager at MYLAPS), or +31 (0)6 29 72 18 59.

Now Introducing: TentLynx Laptop & Camera Covers

April 1, 2022 – We’ve heard it time and time again…how can we keep our camera safe from the elements? There’s a glare on my laptop from the sun and I don’t have a pop-up tent! We’ve got the solution for you! TentLynx Mini-Tents are here for all your camera & laptop covering needs. These mini-tents are the durable, waterproof, hail-proof, tornado-proof (not yet tested), answers to your callings.

Worried about the Lynx purple clashing with your company’s colors? No problem! For an additional fee, we’ll be happy customize the color to match your brand. Want your logo on top of the flag or on the side of your tent to really let spectators know who’s in charge? We can do that too. As we like to say, “We’ve got you covered.” 

April Fools Tent 1

Read on to see our latest in tent technology – or tentology if you will. 

1. The “This Track Meet is a Real Circus” Mini-Tent

This tent is for the service provider who isn’t afraid to hide their feelings. They’ve dealt with one too many athletes running into the cameras, or parents hovering over the shoulder, or stray dogs infiltrating the course. Some days just feel like you’re trapped at the circus, and this tent will let others know it.

(Also great for kids birthday parties!)

April Fools Tent 2

2. The Extend-a-Tent

The Extend-a-Tent does exactly as the name suggests – it extends to fit your needs! Do you require a short covering for your laptop? Check! How about a taller version to protect your latest Vision PRO camera? This does that too! Simply adjust the legs to the height you need (up to a whopping 50ft!) and you’re in business. No rain on your parade!

April Fools Tent 4

3. The “I’d Rather Be Camping” Mini-Tent

Looking for something basic that will just get the job done? This mini-tent doesn’t need any bells and whistles to prove how truly rugged it is. Meant for those who understand that sometimes simplicity is the key to perfection. 

As an added bonus, this mini-tent is the perfect size for your feline companion (preferably smaller than a Lynx). Treat them like the royalty they are. 

April Fools Tent 3

4. The “We Enjoy the Finer Things” Mini-Tent

And finally, this impressive display of wealth is our top-end model. Equipped with extra interior space for those days when you just need to get away for a few minutes. Plus this model comes with additional tie-downs for those extra gusty days. This tent lets others know you care about your business and you aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. 

We have a feeling you may have already guessed, but APRIL FOOLS! We hope you enjoyed the post and encourage you to share it if you enjoyed it.

Now Hiring: Electromechanical Technician

January 2023 – Join the team at Lynx! We’re currently hiring for the position of Electromechanical Technician at our Haverhill, MA location. Please read the description below and send your resume to for consideration, or forward the position to someone you think would be a great fit!

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Assemble electrical or support structures and install components, units, sub-assemblies, wiring, or assembly casings, using screws, bolts and soldering equipment.
  • Configuration and test of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  • Read and interpret drawings, diagrams, specifications, work orders, or reports to determine materials requirements or assembly instructions.
  • Work as part of a team having responsibility for assembling an entire product or component of a product. Production assemblers can perform all tasks conducted by the team in the assembly process and rotate through all or most roles.
  • Use basic tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, wire cutters, crimpers, and soldering equipment.
  • Fine pitch solder/rework skills preferred, but not required.
  • Review work orders to ensure work is performed according to specifications.
  • Perform and record quality checks on products and parts.
  • Ability to produce defect-free assemblies.
  • Rotate through all the tasks required in a particular production process.
  • Maintain production equipment and machinery.
  • Basic computer skills required.
  • Applicant must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Electrical Assembly: Minimum 2 years

Location: 179 Ward Hill Ave. Haverhill, MA. Haverhill is an industrial suburb about 25 miles north of Boston. Applicants must be willing to relocate to the Boston area.

Compensation & Other Perks

Lynx System Developers offers a competitive salary, 401k, and more.

How to Apply

Please send your resume to with the subject line: Electromechanical Technician

Lynx System Developers Merges with Nevco Sports, LLC

Nevco Lynx

EDWARDSVILLE, IL, January 5, 2022Nevco Sports, LLC today announced the acquisition of Lynx System Developers, Inc., a sports technology data company based out of Haverhill, MA. The acquisition of this sports timing pioneer will further enhance Nevco’s position as the industry leader in end-to-end scoring and display solutions for sporting facilities worldwide.

“Lynx System Developers has been a trusted partner to Nevco for many years,” says Jeff Fiorini, CEO of Nevco Sports. “Their state-of-the-art timing and results technology solutions paired with an impeccable reputation made for a natural fit into the Nevco brand. This addition to our product portfolio will be pivotal in enhancing race-day for our customers”.

“We are excited to integrate our technology and timing systems to expand Nevco’s product line,” says President and CTO of Lynx System Developers, Inc., Doug DeAngelis. “Together, we look forward to providing sporting facilities of all sizes with the highest quality scoring and display solutions combined with our photofinish timing and results technology solutions.”

Lynx System Developers, Inc. will maintain operations in Haverhill, MA. To learn more about Lynx solutions please visit

About Nevco Sports, LLC: Nevco is the largest private manufacturer and provider of display, scoring and audio solutions. For over 85 years, Nevco has provided athletic and recreational facilities of all sizes with the most innovative scoring and LED video display products in the industry. Nevco is known for its specialty in designing custom facility solutions, quality of products, and superior long term financial value. Today, Nevco scoring solutions are used to enhance the fan experience at events in more than 100,000 locations around the world.

About Lynx System Developers, Inc.: Lynx System Developers, Inc. is the maker of FinishLynx photo-finish technology and produces fully automatic timing systems, line-scan cameras, and athlete tracking technology for sports markets across the world.

Today, FinishLynx is arguably the most popular and powerful photo-finish results technology in the world. It is used at major sporting events across the globe, including the Olympic Trials, Kentucky Derby and NASCAR.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Maria Manville at 618.659.7532 or email

FinishLynx 12.00 & the Introduction of VeriLynx

November 2021 – Taking effect November 1, 2021, World Athletics (WA) Technical Rule 30.1.1 states that horizontal jump take-off failures are re-defined to include any breaking of the vertical plane of the take-off line. In addition, Rule 29.5 strongly encourages judges to use video, or other technology, to assist in the decision process.

As a response, the latest version of FinishLynx (FL 12.00) includes a new profile called VeriLynx. This profile is customized to support the use of IdentiLynx cameras for video review of field events. Read below to find out more about VeriLynx and other updates included in FinishLynx 12.00. The latest version of FinishLynx can be downloaded from our FinishLynx Software page.


FinishLynx supports the concept of profiles. A profile can be created and used to store configuration and camera settings, as well as an associated language file or splash screen. When a profile is used, all of the settings are saved to the current profile when FinishLynx is closed, and re-loaded the next time FinishLynx is started. This makes it easy to switch from one application to the next (such as Track to Cross Country and back, for example).

VeriLynx Profile

Field Event Video Verification

FinishLynx includes the VeriLynx profile. This profile is customized to support the use of IdentiLynx cameras for video review of field events, such as the verification of take-off fouls in the Long or Triple Jump events. Align the IdentiLynx camera with the take-off board, load the field event start list, capture, verify, and timestamp every attempt. VeriLynx will save all images to disk in real-time (no image loss) and allow you to quickly review every attempt for every athlete, providing proof in case of a foul. 

VeriLynx also has the option of exporting a JPEG of each attempt automatically when marking a frame, and keeping multiple IdentiLynx image panes synchronized (time tracking) to view multiple angles.

VeriLynx Profile Screenshot
  • Pre-configured profile available with standard FinishLynx installation giving a customized user interface for field events
  • Ability to load field events from the field event schedule file (fldlynx.sch)
  • Ability to view a vertical line in alignment mode for IdentiLynx cameras to facilitate camera alignment with the take-off board (see image above)
  • Ability to capture and review all attempts from a flight into the same FinishLynx event
  • Ability to set the ACM active area so it is limited to the image’s vertical area of the take-off board
  • Ability to mark/log attempts with the time of day to allow quick review of all attempts for each athlete during or after the event
  • Ability to display the attempt number of each attempt in the Results Zone and on the image using Line Labels
  • Ability to automatically export an image (jpg) when an attempt is marked/logged
  • Ability to time track (scrolling through an image of one camera refreshes the other image panes with the equivalent frame) between images of multiple cameras to easily review different angles, including the option of using a front-facing camera to identify the athlete

LapTime & Scoreboard Status

LapTime objects now show the connection status in the Status bar.

In addition to existing states (not loaded, not running, running), the Status in the object box for the LapTime and Scoreboard Options tabs can now show Not Connected if the TCP connections are not connected, but otherwise loaded and configured. 

Additionally, there have been updates made to scoreboard scripts, Remote Control Commands, and the Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-in, plus Advanced Other Settings. 

Downloads & Resources

If you require additional support, please contact Tech Support.