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Ultrasonic Wind Gauge

The Lynx Ultrasonic Wind Gauge is an affordable anemometer that utilizes World Athletics-approved ultrasonic technology to provide accurate wind speed and direction data. The unit is a FinishLynx accessory that connects directly to an EtherLynx Camera, Connection Box, SeriaLynx unit, or computer serial port. This allows live wind gauge data to integrate seamlessly with FinishLynx.
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The Lynx ultrasonic wind gauge is housed in a robust, corrosion-free polycarbonate casing. It is small, lightweight, and operates flawlessly in harsh environmental conditions. It also has no moving parts, ensuring maintenance-free operation throughout the year. The wind gauge package also comes equipped with a tripod, carrying case, and a 60 meter serial connection cable for great mobility and easy setup.

Key features include:

  • World Athletics-Compliant Technology*
  • 0-60m/s (116 knots) Wind Speed
  • Direct RS232 connection to FinishLynx hardware
  • Maintenance-free and Corrosion-free Design
  • Comes with Tripod, Carrying Case, and 60 meter Connection Cable

*World Athletics RULE 163: 8 & 9 ~ Wind Measurement

8. All wind gauge equipment shall have been certified by World Athletics and the accuracy of the gauge used shall have been verified by an appropriate organisation accredited by the national measurement authority, such that all measurements can be traced back to national and international measurement standards.

9. Non-mechanical wind gauges shall be used at all International Competitions under Rules 1.1(a) to (h) and for any performance submitted for ratification as a World Record.

Wind Gauge Datasheets
NameFile Size
Lynx Wind Gauge Datasheet304.9 KBDownload
Standalone Wind Gauge & Controller Datasheet364.4 KBDownload
NameFile Size
QSG - Standalone Wind Gauge Controller222.1 KBDownload
Weight: 0.5 kg
Dimensions: 14.2 × 16 cm
Range: 0-60 m/s
Accuracy: ±2% @12 m/s
Resolution: 0.01 m/s (0.02 knots)
Response Time: 0.25 seconds
Threshold: 0.01 m/s
Voltage: 5-30 VDC (13mA @ 12V)
External Construction: LURAN S KR 2861/1C ASA/PC
Protection Class: IP65
Unit of Measure: m/s