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ReacTime Championship Software

ReacTime Championship Software allows users to record, analyze, and manage reaction times and relative power traces captured with ReacTime false start analysis technology. The software interfaces with the ReacTime Command Center to establish whether a false start has been commited (as defined by the IAAF). The Championship software can also send reaction data directly to FinishLynx where it can be integrated with photo finish results.
"It's amazing how similar the ReacTime software is to FinishLynx. It makes teaching and using the software extremely easy." - Scott Chadez

The ReacTime Championship software imports start data from the ReacTime Command Center to a computer for analysis. While the Championship software is not required for the operation of a ReacTime Championship system, its use allows meet officials to view, analyze, and print athlete reaction data and graphs while track-side from a laptop or netbook.

  • Detect false starts using IAAF standards
  • Accurate to 1/1000th of a second
  • View, analyze, and print reaction data immediately after it’s recorded
  • Access reaction data while track-side using a laptop or netbook
  • View waveform graphs for every athlete
  • View and compare gun-to-motion time intervals accurate to 1/1000th of a second

“In competitions held under Rules 1.1(a), (b), (c) and (f) and for any performances submitted for ratification as a World Record, the starting blocks shall be linked to an IAAF approved false start control apparatus. The Starter and/or an assigned Recaller shall wear headphones in order to clearly hear the acoustic signal emitted when the apparatus detects a false start (i.e. when reaction time is less than 100/1000ths of a second). As soon as the Starter and/or an assigned Recaller hears the acoustic signal, and if the gun is fired, there shall be a recall and the Starter shall immediately examine the reaction times on the false start control apparatus in order to confirm which athlete(s) is/are responsible for the false start. This system is strongly recommended for all other competitions.” –IAAF Rule 161.2 (2010-11)

ReacTime Datasheets
NameFile Size
ReacTime Product Datasheet664.1 KBDownload
ReacTime Manuals
NameFile Size
ReacTime Championship 2.02 Release Notes150.8 KBDownload
ReacTime Firmware 2.0 Release Notes122.2 KBDownload
ReacTime Championship 2.0 Release Notes173.8 KBDownload
ReacTime Firmware 1.4 Release Notes340.4 KBDownload
ReacTime 1.3 Release Notes14.1 KBDownload
ReacTime Training 1.3 Release Notes533.0 KBDownload
ReacTime 1.2 Manual 2.8 MBDownload
Spanish - ReacTime Software Manual Version 1.302.7 MBDownload
ReacTime Quick-Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - ReacTime Championship Setup2.4 MBDownload
QSG - ReacTime Official Starter Instructions12.6 KBDownload
QSG - ReacTime Recall Starter Instructions12.7 KBDownload
QSG - ReacTime Training Setup192.4 KBDownload
ReacTime Software
NameFile Size
ReacTime Championship Software 2.041.8 MBDownload
ReacTime Championship Software 2.031.8 MBDownload
ReacTime Championship Software 2.021.8 MBDownload
ReacTime Championship Software 2.011.8 MBDownload
ReacTime Block Sensor Firmware 2.028.6 KBDownload
ReacTime Command Center Firmware 2.028.4 KBDownload
ReacTime Championship Software 2.01.8 MBDownload
ReacTime Training Software 1.321.7 MBDownload
ReacTime Training Software 1.315.0 MBDownload
Spanish Language file for ReacTime Championship Software33.3 KBDownload
Product Version: 3.6.4