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How to Set Up a FinishLynx Timing System – Part #1: Preparation

Want to Be a Great FinishLynx Timer? Start Here.

We offer a number of resources to help new FinishLynx timers start learning their systems, including Quick-Start Guides (QSGs), product manuals, support videos, and more. Whether you just purchased a new Silver Package or inherited an older system at your school, we’re dedicated to helping you master the art of capturing photo-finish results.

As with any new technology, you shouldn’t expect to become an expert overnight. Becoming a skilled race timer starts with mastering the fundamentals of fully automatic timing. That includes setting up your system, properly aligning the camera, integrating your meet management software, and evaluating a race. And the best way to learn is simply to practice. That’s why we recommend printing out the QSG for your package and practicing indoors long before your first event. Practicing in a low-stakes environment gives you (and your team) a chance to learn the steps and skills necessary to capture quickly and accurately on race day. Follow along below to begin practicing with your FinishLynx system.

Step 1: Find the Right Quick-Start Guide for Your Package

We have Quick-Start Guides for all of our major packaged solutions, including our newest systems with Vision cameras. The QSGs have step-by-step directions on how to set up your system before a race. QSGs are the most important document you have when learning FinishLynx. Find the QSG for your package below (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) and print it out now. It should be everything you need to get the system up and running. Keep it with your equipment or save the pdf on your phone so you can access it any time. Don’t see your package QSG listed below? Click here to view our full list of setup guides

Choose Your High School Track & Field Quick-Start Guide Below

US Track Packages – QSG
NameFile Size
QSG – Vision Diamond Package High School Setup1.0 MBDownload
QSG – Vision Platinum Package High School Setup972.5 KBDownload
QSG – Vision Scholastic Package High School Setup783.9 KBDownload
QSG – Vision Bronze Package High School Setup905.6 KBDownload
QSG – Vision Silver Package High School Setup768.5 KBDownload
QSG – Vision Gold Package High School Setup827.5 KBDownload
QSG – Vision MVP Package High School Setup899.2 KBDownload

Step 2: Choose Any Additional Setup Guides & Manuals You May Need

The guides below can help you align your camera, add an IdentiLynx video camera, integrate with a meet manager database, configure your Windows network settings, and more. Looking for a setup guide for one of our more advanced products? Click here to view our full list of setup guides

QSG – Camera BIOS Chip Replacement GuideQuickDownload
QSG – Championship Elite VisionQuickDownload
QSG – Competition Elite VisionQuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+ (no hub)QuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+ (with hub)QuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+ AlignmentQuickDownload
QSG – Etherlynx 2000+ CameraQuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx 2000+, Fusion, And PRO CameraQuickDownload
QSG – EtherLynx Vision Camera SetupQuickDownload
QSG – FieldLynxQuickDownload
QSG – FinishLynx & Hytek Networking (Win7)QuickDownload
QSG – FinishLynx & Hytek Networking (Win8)QuickDownload
QSG – IdentiLynx SR & HRSQuickDownload
QSG – IdentiLynx+ SeriesQuickDownload
QSG – Internal RadioLynxQuickDownload
QSG – IPICO Elite ReaderQuickDownload
QSG – IPICO Lite ReaderQuickDownload
QSG – LaserLynxQuickDownload
QSG – Lynx Infield DisplayQuickDownload
QSG – Lynx Portable DisplayQuickDownload
QSG – LynxPadQuickDownload
QSG – LynxPad Networking (Win7)QuickDownload
QSG – LynxPad with FinishLynxQuickDownload
QSG – Manual Lap Scoring Tips for Track & FieldQuickDownload
QSG – MYLAPS BibTag SystemQuickDownload
QSG – MYLAPS Timing & ScoringQuickDownload
QSG – Network COM Port (NCP) Plug-inQuickDownload
QSG – RadioLynx Wireless StartQuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime (Official Starter)QuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime (Recall Starter)QuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime ChampionshipQuickDownload
QSG – ReacTime TrainingQuickDownload
QSG – Remote Positioner Motor: Home RepairQuickDownload
QSG – ResulTV Setup GuideQuickDownload
QSG – Submit a Repair RMA to LynxQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Bronze PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Diamond PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Gold PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Platinum PackageQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Scholastic PackageQuickDownload
QSG – Vision Championship Elite Athletics Package SetupQuickDownload
QSG – Vision Competition Athletics Package SetupQuickDownload
QSG – Wind Gauge ControllerQuickDownload
QSG – Windows 10 NetworkingQuickDownload
QSG – Windows 11 NetworkingQuickDownload
QSG – US High School Track Silver PackageQuickDownload

Step 3: Update Your FinishLynx Software & Download Any Paid Plug-ins

Be sure that all your FinishLynx software is up to date. You can always download the latest version of FinishLynx for free at any time by visiting the FinishLynx product page. You can also download the paid plug-ins directly from the website — but you’ll need your serial numbers to activate them. Your paid serial numbers for software and plug-ins can be found inside the installation CD or Flash Drive provided with your system. If you’ve misplaced your serial numbers, please contact us now to request them again. See below for links to our most popular software and plug-ins.

Step 4: Read Our Most Popular Tech Support Resources

FinishLynx Online Help
Tips and Tricks for New Users
Pre-Season Checklist
Frequenty Asked Questions

Step 5: View The Setup & Support Video Library