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Keyboard Shortcuts for FinishLynx Software

FinishLynx is a powerful software application used to capture photo-finish results for a number of sports and high-speed applications. It interfaces with many database programs and supports a variety of plug-ins and third-party hardware. As a result, the software menus and interface can be intimidating for some new users. That’s why we’ve created keyboard shortcuts.

These FinishLynx shortcuts allow users to quickly perform some of the most common commands found during event captures, such as arming or saving an event. The software also allows users to program their own custom shortcuts called “hot-keys.” A list of pre-programmed commands can be found in the table below. See the video for more information about how to program your own hot-keys in the FinishLynx software using the Hidden Settings feature.

CTRL +AArmArms the current event to accept the next Start SignalEvent
CTRL +CCopyCopies currently highlighted text to the clipboardEdit
ALT +CCropCrops a right-mouse-button-defined area of the image windowImage
ALT +ERefresh AllRefreshes data to ALL scoreboardsScoreboard
CTRL +FFull ScreenDisplays the Image data from Camera 1 full screenImage
ALT +FFinishUses next beam break from photo cell to stop running timeScoreboard
CTRL +GFull Screen #2Displays the Image data from Camera 2 full screenImage
ALT +HHold ResultsPauses sending results outputs to connected scoreboardsScoreboard
ALT +IInitializeSends an initialization string to clear all data from scoreboardsScoreboard
CTRL +LReloadUse this feature to load the latest information that the capture computer has stored in the .evn file. Useful when using Reader mode & Time Trial mode together, because starts can come in after the Reader mode computer opens the event.File
ALT +LUse Current EventWhen multiple event windows are open simultaneously, this command will connect the scoreboard the currently active windowLaptime
CTRL +NNewOpens a new event and Arms it to receive the next Start SignalFile
CTRL +OOpenOpens a previously saved eventFile
ALT +OOpen RecentDisplays a list of the most recently accessed eventsFile
ALT +PPausePauses the Running Time on active scoreboardsScoreboard
CTRL +RRemove OverlaysRemoves all overlays currently visible in the image windowImage
ALT +RRunForces display of the current Running TimeScoreboard
CTRL +SSaveSaves the currently active eventFile
ALT +SStopStops the current Running Time on active scoreboardsScoreboard
CTRL +TSet Current Start(Time Trial Mode) Set the current start time for on-screen running time, scoreboard running time, and LapTime event generationEvent
ALT +TToggle CaptureSwitches Capture on or off dependent on current stateEvent
CTRL +VPastePastes the contents of the clipboardEdit
CTRL +WClose WindowCloses the current event window – will prompt for saveFile
ALT +WManual WindForces FinishLynx to get the current wind readingEvent
CTRL +XCutCuts currently highlighted text to the clipboardEdit
CTRL +ZUndoUndoes last editing action.Edit

Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts to FinishLynx under the Hidden Settings

Backup Language Files (.lng) for FinishLynx

Any changes made inside the Hidden Settings menu will be saved to your language file inside the FinishLynx software directory. If for some reason you need to download a new language file (to replace or restore the system defaults), you can find the files for each language below. English-language users should download the en_US file.

FinishLynx Language Files
NameFile Size
ar_SA94.6 KBDownload
de_DE115.4 KBDownload
en_US39.0 KBDownload
es_ES134.0 KBDownload
fi_FI114.2 KBDownload
fr_FR74.8 KBDownload
hu_HU132.0 KBDownload
it_IT118.8 KBDownload
ko_KR86.1 KBDownload
pl_PL71.4 KBDownload
pt_BR49.3 KBDownload
ru_RU250.9 KBDownload
sv_SE47.9 KBDownload
zh_CN81.6 KBDownload
zh_TW81.7 KBDownload