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LaserLynx PRO Distance Measurement

LaserLynx is a laser-based electronic distance measurement device that produces accurate, computer-generated measurements for field events (throws: Shotput, Javelin, Discus, and Hammer; and horizontal jumps: Long Jump and Triple Jump). LaserLynx combines with FieldLynx event software to integrate laser measurements across the FinishLynx results network with meet management databases, scoreboards, and CIS applications for announcers.
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LaserLynx electronic distance measurement has been trusted by athletics officials for years and is used at the very highest levels of track and field competition, including World Championship and US Olympic Trial events.

The LaserLynx PRO unit includes a tripod, prism, prism pole, on-board battery, spare battery, and data cable. LaserLynx connects distance data to any netbook, laptop, or hand-held computer using FieldLynx or FieldLynx Lite software (sold separately). With the addition of SeriaLynx, the LaserLynx measurement data can also be shared wirelessly across the results network. Share data quickly and securely with meet management databases, scoreboards, infield displays, and databases with CIS applications. LaserLynx makes distance measurement for field events easy.

  • Accurate:  Accurate to ±2mm & ±2 angular seconds – Exceeds World Athletics standards
  • Quick: 15 minute equipment setup
  • Simple to Use: One-touch measurement in Metric and Imperial units
  • Powerful: Links to any compatible displays, databases, and software on the network
  • Portable: Rechargeable batteries with up to 60 hours on a single charge

Laser Measurement Accuracy

Simple geometry has established that when given an accurate measurement of two sides of a triangle and the angle between these two sides, one can determine the length of the third side. By using the radius of the throwing arc or throwing circle, LaserLynx is able to measure an athlete’s performance without even entering the throwing area. An athlete’s performance is computed as shown in the diagram below using data entered prior to the start of the competition: the LaserLynx Station Reference Measurements and radius of the throwing circle.

LaserLynx Datasheets
NameFile Size
LaserLynx PRO Product Datasheet404.6 KBDownload
LaserLynx Quick-Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - LaserLynx586.5 KBDownload
Product Version: 3.6.4
Telescope Length: 150mm
Object Lens Diameter: 150mm
Calculation Accuracy: ±2 ppm
Angle Accuracy: 2 sec.
Distance Accuracy: 1 Prism: 2,000m, 3 prism: 2,700m
Measuring Time: Fine Mode – 1.0mm: 1.2sec & 0.2mm: 2.8sec, Coarse Mode – 0.7sec, Tracking Mode – 0.4sec
Eyepiece Magnification: 30x
Keyboard & Display: 24-Key Numeric Keypad, 2- Sided Dot Matrix Graphic LCD
Internal Data Memory: 24,000 pts
Environmental Protection: IP54