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ReacTime Training Software

The ReacTime Personal Training software allows users to view, graph, analyze, and print reaction data recorded with the ReacTime Training system. The software gives athletes and coaches access to precision reaction data, allowing them to measure and improve performance off the blocks. With the software installed on a computer or netbook, users can download all reaction data from the block sensors and graph reaction times, power output waveforms, and time-to-distance ratios for each start.

Research has shown that reaction times play a crucial role in the success of sprinters. The shorter the race, the more important an athlete’s reaction time becomes, because it “accounts for a greater proportion of the total time of the run.” Studies also show that reaction time is a skill that can be improved with training.

The ReacTime Training software allows athletes and coaches to view reaction times across countless different workouts. This allows them to not only isolate on start mechanics, but also graph, track, and share athlete improvements over time.

Consider this excerpt from John D. Barrow, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University:

“If [Usain] Bolt could get his reaction time down to 0.13 s, which is very good but not exceptional, then he would reduce his 9.58 s record run to 9.56 s. If he could get it consistently down to an excellent 0.12 s then he is looking at 9.55 s, and if he responded as quickly as the rules allow, with 0.10s, then 9.53 s is the result” (2012).

Reaction training should be a staple part of every athlete’s training routine. In fact, many elite-level athletes have relied on it for years. When used with the ReacTime Training System, the Personal Training Software will allow you to measure and graph reaction data and offer a more complete understanding of athlete performance and progress.

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