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Timing Systems for Road Cycling, Velodrome, & BMX Races

Capture Certified Photo-Finish Cycling and BMX Results with FinishLynx

FinishLynx timing systems produce UCI-approved photo-finish results and are used at the very highest levels of Road Cycling, Velodrome, and BMX Racing. World-Class venues like Beijing National Stadium and the Velódromo Mallorca (site of the UCI World Championships) trust their photo-finish results to FinishLynx technology.

Major events that have used FinishLynx include:

  • Tour de France
  • USA Cycling Olympic Trials
  • Tour de Langkawi
  • Tour of Spain (Vuelta a España)
  • Tour of Beijing
  • Giro d’Italia
  • Tour de Suisse
  • Tour of California
  • Tour of Oman
  • Track Cycling World Championships

Powerful Photo-Finish Software Captures the Closest Cycling Races

Screenshot of the FinishLynx software showing results captured at the Tour de France.

Download Cycling Timing System Package Brochures

Cycling Packages
NameFile Size
Road Cycling Package – Bronze536.1 KBDownload
Road Cycling Package – Silver520.6 KBDownload
Road Cycling Package – Gold448.5 KBDownload
BMX Cycling Package – Bronze442.6 KBDownload
BMX Cycling Package – Silver521.0 KBDownload
BMX Cycling Package – Gold355.1 KBDownload
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Professional & Accurate Photo-Finish Timing Made Easy

Capture High-Speed Results

Capture High-Speed Results

All FinishLynx results are accurate to at least 1/1000th of a second and the latest Vision PRO camera captures up to 20,000 fps.

Produce UCI Certified Results

Produce UCI Certified Results

Produce internationally-certified race results with photo-finish cameras that are trusted by Olympic venues and the UCI, ABA, and UEC.

Integrate RFID Transponders

Integrate RFID Transponders

Interface with popular RFID transponder systems seamlessly inside the FinishLynx software for even quicker evaluation of large track and road cycling events.

Add Software Plug-ins

Add Software Plug-ins

Use software plug-ins to time multi-stage time trials or multi-lap BMX and velodrome races with ease. There’s even a plug-in to auto-capture results.

Join the Network

Join the Network

Join a global network of customers who trust FinishLynx. Connect with the community to exchange ideas, support, or questions.

Find the Best Timing System For You

Find the Best Timing System For You

Choose from our packages or build a customized photo finish timing system based on the needs of your cycling event or venue.

Details or Pricing Now

Complete Photo-Finish Packages for Velodrome, BMX, & Road Cycling

Road Cycling Timing Systems

Track Cycling Timing Systems

BMX Cycling Timing Systems

  • Powerful: Lynx cameras can capture for hours and initial results can be generated before all riders have finished
  • Trusted: FinishLynx is trusted by the UCI and countless other sports governing bodies across the world
  • Packaged: Each packaged solution offers complete fully automatic timing and the systems vary by budget-level
  • Open: FinishLynx integrates with countless third-party devices including displays, photo-cells, RFID tags, and more
  • Modular: The modular design of FinishLynx allows components to be added or removed for different types of races
  • Community: Lynx has a powerful network of partners and customers to provide tips, tutorials, and event support
  • Support: All Lynx customers have access to 24-hour emergency technical support
  • Customizable: Our cycling experts can help you customize a cycling timing system for your specific event or venue

Only 0.01 second separates the riders in first and second place. With FinishLynx, the margin is clear.





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