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FieldLynx Networked Field Event Software

FieldLynx is a FinishLynx-compatible software application for the scoring and administration of field events in athletics (track & field). The FieldLynx software connects with your meet management software and allows operators to access athlete listings, score events, and instantly upload results to any computers or scoreboards on the FinishLynx network. Data entry is simple and intuitive and the software easily converts marks between Metric and Imperial measurements. Share live event data across your network so you never have to retype athlete info and results again.
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FieldLynx offers the complete field results production in the palm of your hand. Adding FieldLynx to any fully automatic timing network will enhance the speed, efficiency and quality of your athletics field events.  The FieldLynx software allows users to interface seamlessly with devices and applications across the venue, including LaserLynx EDM units, scoreboards, wind gauges, and most track and field database applications. For too long, athletes in field events have competed in isolation. When field results are recorded manually on a clipboard, they have to be carried across the venue or re-typed before they can be shared. With FieldLynx, field event results can be entered directly to a Windows-based mobile device and shared instantly with scoreboards, officials, or announcers throughout the venue.

  • Athlete Check-ins. Athlete suspension allows participation in other events. Automatically nominate Athlete UP, ON DECK, and ON HOLD
  • Custom Rules. Accommodate different Rule Books, including World Athletics, NCAA, and NFHS high school
  • Five Alive Groups. Automatically generates “Alive” group for 3, 4, or 5 alive groupings. Can reconfigure groups as necessary.
  • Metric/English Conversion. Single-click, bi-directional conversions of athlete marks between English and Metric measurements.
  • Shareable. Share results data via both Serial and Ethernet connections

Build a Wired or Wireless Results Network

Many netbooks and mobile devices can communicate wirelessly on an AirLynx wireless network. FieldLynx devices can also interface with a range of devices simultaneously through a single serial port by connecting to a SeriaLynx unit. When combined with SeriaLynx, FieldLynx mobile devices can connect with LaserLynx distance measurement devices, wind gauges, and compatible scoreboards and displays. SeriaLynx devices can even be combined with AirLynx so devices can connect and share data wirelessly.

There is no more struggling to read handwritten notes on soggy paper or re-typing athlete data multiple times during  an event. Use FieldLynx to import, export, and share event data effortlessly using .lff files. Connect officials, timers, and event administrators with secure event data by building a powerful FinishLynx results network at your venue.

Want a program to manage electronic distance measurement with LaserLynx, which doesn’t need meet management integration? Take a look at FieldLynx LITE now.

FieldLynx Software
NameFile Size
FieldLynx 1.94 Software for Windows4 MBDownload
[archived] FieldLynx 1.93 Software for Windows4 MBDownload
[archived] FieldLynx 1.92 Software for Windows4 MBDownload
[archived] FieldLynx 1.91 Software for Windows3.9 MBDownload
[archived] FieldLynx 1.90 Software for Windows3.9 MBDownload
FieldLynx Quick-Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - FieldLynx797.3 KBDownload
FieldLynx Manuals
NameFile Size
FieldLynx 1.94 Software Release Notes185 KBDownload
FieldLynx 1.93 Software Release Notes182 KBDownload
FieldLynx 1.92 Software Release Notes140.6 KBDownload
FieldLynx 1.91 Software Release Notes192.3 KBDownload
FieldLynx 1.90 Software Release Notes319.0 KBDownload
FieldLynx Complete Windows Release Notes777.6 KBDownload
Product Version: 3.8.0