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Athletics Timing Systems for Track & Field Meets

A Basic Package

Capture Certified Race Timing & Results Images with FinishLynx

FinishLynx timing systems can capture high-speed photo-finishes at up to 20,000 frames per second, with accuracy to 0.0001. All photo-finish images are time-stamped so you can evaluate athletes with accuracy, no matter how close the finish. The power and precision of FinishLynx has made it the gold standard for track and field results for 30+ years. FinishLynx photo-finish cameras can now be found in thousands of athletics stadiums across five continents, and our timing systems are trusted by elite-level World Athletics track meets around the world.

Professional Track & Field Timing Made Easy

Capture High-Speed Images

Capture High-Speed Images

FinishLynx results are accurate to 1/1000th of a second or more and can integrate with RFID tags & 2-D video for quick evaluation.

Produce Certified Results

Produce Certified Results

Produce certified results with photo-finish technology that is trusted by Olympic venues and athletics organizations like World Athletics, USATF, ARAF, and NFHS.

Easy FAT Capture

Easy FAT Capture

Producing photo-finish results is easy with FinishLynx. Capture & evaluate finish times from your computer with 1 click of the mouse.

Integrate Accessories

Integrate Accessories

Integrate other results hardware with FinishLynx, including RFID chips, scoreboards, photo-eyes, wind gauges, false start systems, and much more.

Customized Timing Systems for Your Program

We offer a number of timing packages to meet the needs of any size program, from international track clubs to small high school and collegiate running teams. Our experienced sales staff has been working with coaches, ADs, architects, and running clubs for over 30 years. We can help you find the right photo-finish timing system to fit your venue and budget. Submit a contact form to request prices and more information. Or view our most popular athletics packages below.

Competition Package
Competition Package
Championship Package
Championship Package
Grand Prix Package
Grand Prix Package
Competition Elite Package
Competition Elite Package
Championship Elite Package
Championship Elite Package
Grand Prix Elite Package
Grand Prix Elite Package
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Major Events Trust FinishLynx

Some track & field events using FinishLynx photo-finish include

  • USA Track & Field Olympic Trials
  • Boston Marathon
  • Penn Relays
  • Drake Relays
  • Nike Cross Nationals
  • USATF Indoor/Outdoor Championships
  • 2017 European Indoor Championships (Belgrade)
  • 2018 European Championships (Berlin)
  • 2019 European Indoor Championships (Glasgow)
  • 2021 European Indoor Championships (Torun)
  • 2022 European Championships (Munich)
  • 2023 European Indoor Championships (Istanbul)

View Track Package Brochures – Now with Vision Color Cameras

Athletics Packages
NameFile Size
Athletics Competition Package366.8 KBDownload
Athletics Competition Elite Package413.7 KBDownload
Athletics Championship Package423.7 KBDownload
Athletics Championship Elite Package465.8 KBDownload
Athletics Grand Prix Package529.2 KBDownload
Athletics Grand Prix Elite Package369.4 KBDownload
Athletics Packages – Vision (Complete Brochure)10.5 MBDownload
General Product Documents
NameFile Size
Datasheets for Major Lynx Products7.4 MBDownload
Spanish Athletics Packages
NameFile Size
Athletics Competition Package – SPANISH389.9 KBDownload
Athletics Competition Elite Package – SPANISH477.8 KBDownload
Athletics Championship Package – SPANISH447.7 KBDownload
Athletics Championship Elite Package – SPANISH409.4 KBDownload
Athletics Grand Prix Package – SPANISH382.3 KBDownload
Athletics Grand Prix Elite Package – SPANISH344.9 KBDownload
Athletics Packages – SPANISH (Complete Brochure)3.3 MBDownload
5L500 Vision Camera Datasheet – SPANISH902.6 KBDownload
5L600 Vision PRO Camera Datasheet – SPANISH730.8Download

More Information About FinishLynx Sports Timing Packages

Field Event Packages
Cross Country Packages
ReacTime False Start

Screenshot of the FinishLynx Photo-Finish Timing Software

Only 0.02 seconds separates 1st & 2nd place. But with FinishLynx fully automatic timing, the margin of victory is clear.

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