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VeriLight brings technology recently showcased at the highest level of competition and makes it available for all. This Ethernet (PoE) device can be managed from VeriLynx, FinishLynx or FieldLynx and serves as a multi-purpose, remote-controlled, indicator light.

Are you struggling to find all the officials needed to run an event? Use it with VeriLynx or FieldLynx to flag foot fouls in the Long or Triple Jump. Is communication between the timer and the starter a challenge? Use VeriLight with FinishLynx to inform the starter that the next race is armed and ready for a start.

Pre-defined and customizable scoreboard scripts (LSS files) are provided to quickly become operational. Simply connect VeriLight to your network via Power-over-Ethernet and you are ready to go.

  • Multi-color (5-tier) signal tower
  • Ethernet connection with PoE support
  • Free-standing platform
  • Seamless Integration with VeriLynx, FinishLynx and FieldLynx
  • Customizable lights and sound via scoreboard script (LSS)
  • Includes 9 programmable LED colors
  • Flashing or solid LED behavior
  • 11 selectable alarms
NameFile Size
VeriLight Datasheet130 KBDownload
QSG - VeriLight186 KBDownload
Dimensions: 145mm diameter platform; 428mm total height