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Lynx Support Resources & Where to Find Them

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For many Lynx users, timing is a seasonal job that comes and goes. Some of our service providers are busy timing events year-round, but we know that many others, including high school and college customers, put their systems in storage between seasons. Because of this, we want to share some resources that will help get your FinishLynx system and operators working as efficiently as possible. Lynx offers an array of online tools that can benefit the novice to the pro timer.

FinishLynx Sports Timers Facebook Group

The FinishLynx Sports Timers Facebook group was started in the hopes of giving FinishLynx operators a space to network and share their questions and timing photos. Over the years, it has grown to over 1,400 active members who post regularly. We love seeing the community grow and engage with one another to help solve problems and brag about their timing setups. When you join, be sure to introduce yourself and let others see your best “Office of the Day” photo!

Join the FinishLynx Sports Timers Group Today

Lynx YouTube Channel

The Tech Support team here at Lynx has been working hard over the years to provide FinishLynx operators with helpful video content to aid in system setup and operation. To help find what you’re looking for, click on the ‘Playlists’ tab to see videos broken down into categories. Some of the popular playlists include Video Release NotesNew User FinishLynx Timing System Setup and Advanced Operation of FinishLynx. Be sure to also subscribe to the Lynx YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are added.

Online Help Manual

This online support tool was created to act as a searchable FinishLynx Operator’s Manual combined with years of software release notes. Support videos have been integrated into the relevant sections for added clarity, and other features include the ability to print a page that’s particularly helpful, search hundreds of informational pages at once for exactly what you’re looking for, and use it across all devices as it’s also mobile-friendly. This resource is updated with each new software release or new features/products.

Benefits of the new online operator’s manual:

  • Up-to-Date: It will constantly be updated with the latest release notes, technology, and software information — unlike the current PDF version of the FinishLynx manual which is a few years old at this point.
  • Searchable: The key feature of this user manual is that it’s a search engine of sorts for FinishLynx information. You’ll no longer need to look through page after page for the answers you’re trying to find.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Have a question during your meet? Pull up the Online Help Manual to quickly find your solution. Use this resource across all of your devices.

Find the Online Help Manual Here

Guides & Support Documents

Product Quick-Start Guides (QSGs) are designed to provide simple, step-by-step directions for setting up your FinishLynx timing system. These setup guides are included with every product and system we ship. But you can also view and download them at any time. The guides vary by sport, competition level, and product – so be sure to select the QSG that best fits your system.

Visit the File Library for a full list of product manuals, release notes, quick-start guides (QSGs), and other support documents that may be useful to FinishLynx operators. You will also find direct download links for various software and firmware applications.

Other Helpful Links

Email & Phone

If you need to reach out to Lynx Technical Support, please send an email to or give us a call at 978-556-9780.

2020 Lynx Winter Holiday Schedule

Haverhill, MA – Lynx Headquarters is closing for our annual extended winter break for the holiday season. The Haverhill office will close Wednesday, December 23rd at the end of the work day. We will reopen at 9:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday, January 5th. 

Limited technical support will be available during our winter break by calling the office and following the prompts to leave a message: (978) 556-9780. You can also submit a tech support web form, and it is possible that you may receive a response via email.

2020-2021 Holiday Schedule:

Close: Thursday, December 24th 2020 

Re-Open: Tuesday, January 5th 2021

2020 Happy Holidays

Quarantine Hobby: Breathing New Life into the Silver Bullet

What does a FinishLynx operator who spends his year timing meets do during a global shutdown?

Answer: He rebuilds and restores outdated computer hardware.

Many in the timing community know Roger and his father Tom Jennings as they were some of the earliest adopters of the Lynx timing systems. So it comes as no surprise when we receive an email from Roger saying that he’s rebuilt a period-correct computer and has connected the Lynx Silver Bullet to it and a scoreboard. Even better, it’s capturing images.

You can read more about the beginnings of Lynx and how Tom and Roger played their role in our 25th Anniversary blog post.

Early Days of FinishLynx Press Box at the 1996 DII NCAA Championships.

Roger’s original computer was purchased in 1990. It was an Intel 386 running at 25mhz, 2 megabytes of RAM, and a 80mb hard drive. It had a SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) controller card which was used to communicate with the FinishLynx timing box — these were also used as a controller card for high-end internal and external hard drives at the time.

From Roger:

At the time the initial beta (alpha?) release of FinishLynx, finish image was limited by the amount of RAM in the computer. There was no disk cache or toggling on/off of image, so you would hit the space bar and FinishLynx would capture an image until RAM was filled up, then it would display the image. I used to have a little chart that would let me know how much image length (in seconds) I could capture at different frame rates. I think I could squeeze 30 seconds out of the slowest frame rate setting. If the race finishers didn’t fit within that time/RAM limit, they’d be looking for hand-times. However, even in the limited form, FinishLynx was already far, far ahead of anything being used for fully automatic timing in the US.” Roger Jennings Computer Rebuild

The next FinishLynx beta release allowed the toggling off/on of image capture, even though I was still limited by my measly 2mb of RAM, it was a game-changer, allowing my former 30 seconds of image, if done correctly, to 1-2 minutes of finishers. To get more image it was as simple as buying more RAM — which I did from 2mb to 8mb (the maximum for my computer). Not a cheap investment in 1992, it was about $45/megabyte, but it’d quadruple the amount of image I could capture, a major investment for me at the time.

Roger Jennings Computer RebuildBy the end of the summer in 1992, FinishLynx added hard disk cache to the image capturing which enabled a seemingly endless amount of image length (limited to the size of the hard drive). Also FinishLynx had full integration with database software (Clerk of the Course) and scoreboard displays, television running time clock/results.

This iteration was fairly similar to the functionality of the FinishLynx of today, it was light years ahead of anything else used in the US or Internationally.

My 2020 computer that I used in my modern test was the exact same system, with an upgrade to 8mb of RAM and a 100mb hard drive.

Rebuilding the Original Computer & Capturing Image Today

With a mission to build a period-correct computer that could run the original Lynx Silver Bullet, Jennings took to eBay and the local Goodwill to find the equipment. While some of the original hardware is more difficult to locate than others, he was miraculously able to score a monitor at Goodwill for a mere $5 that was slated to be tossed. Because so much was unknown in the early days of computers, there hadn’t been any product standardization yet. This makes finding RAM that much more difficult, because each generation of computer had a new type of chip. In the end, Roger’s rebuilt computer is a nearly exact replica of the computer that he first used almost three decades ago.

Flash Results Display Board

With his restored computer set up, he was able to connect the Silver Bullet and a Seiko display board (from the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics), and was off to the races (so to speak).

Final Takeaways

The backward compatibility of Lynx products has always been a key focus, and Roger’s latest project is the ultimate example of that backwards compatibility. With it, systems that are purchased can be added to and expanded as needs grow over the years without the need to buy a completely new system. While we’re not saying you’d necessarily time your next track meet with a 27-year-old Silver Bullet, we think it’s pretty remarkable that you could.

RJ Silver Bullet

Thank you to Roger Jennings of Flash Results for sending these images & story!

Do you have your own timing-related hobby or story to tell? Email to be featured on our blog.

Tips for Wave Starts (Time Trial Mode)

Since the release of the wave start feature in FinishLynx when using the Time Trial mode, we have received a few questions for which the answers could serve many users. Here are some advanced tips for wave starts.

Note – These tips assume FinishLynx 11.20 is used.

How do I stop FinishLynx from switching the running time to the next start after I evaluate a result?

TT Advance Setting

The default configuration has an auto-advance feature to simplify operations in a traditional trial. To disable (or customize) this behavior:

  1. Hold Ctrl+Shift and go to File|Options…
  2. The Other Settings dialog opens.
  3. Expand Event.
  4. Expand Starts.
  5. Select TTAdvance.
  6. Set the value to 0 (disabled).

How do I avoid having the cumulative split time change to time of day when evaluating the finish from the image?

Create Splits

When a laptime device is used in Time Trial mode and a time is evaluated from the image, FinishLynx needs to know explicitly that this should also be considered a From Image split. The easiest solution is to enable the CreateSplits function.

  1. Hold Ctrl+Shift and go to File|Options…
  2. The Other Settings dialog opens.
  3. Expand LapTime.
  4. Select CreateSplit.
  5. Set the value to 1 (ON).

How do I enable the start mask so it is applied to all waves (not just the first)?

TT Start Mode

By default, FinishLynx will assign laptime events to all participants as soon as one start exists. If the participant’s start key value does not exist when a laptime event is received, it will fall back to the first available start to establish a time.

For the start mask to be applied, the TTStartMode must be set to Key Field only.

  1. Hold Ctrl+Shift and go to File|Options…
  2. The Other Settings dialog opens.
  3. Expand Event.
  4. Expand Results.
  5. Select TTStartMode.
  6. Set the value to 2 (key field only).
Add Split Ctrl

In such a case, FinishLynx will not find an associated start time and simply create a results line without laptime data in the Results Zone. By default, the first laptime event received in such a case is marked as deleted by remains available in the Edit Split… dialog. To save all received laptime events as deleted, modify the AddSplitCtrl option.

  1. Hold Ctrl+Shift and go to File|Options…
  2. The Other Settings dialog opens.
  3. Expand LapTime.
  4. Select AddSplitCtrl.
  5. Set the value to 2 (keep all start masked).

See the video on using Time Trial for Wave Starts here.

To contact technical support, please send an email to or give us a call at 978-556-9780.

FinishLynx Version 11.00 Release & Time Trial Update

July 2020 – FinishLynx Version 11.00 has been released and is available to download from our FinishLynx Software & Downloads webpage. We encourage all FinishLynx users to update their software immediately to stay up to date with the latest features. The major feature with this version includes an update to the Time Trial plug-in. The Time Trial (TT) Plug-in will now be more flexible and give new options to help manage group (wave) starts. Keep reading below to find out more about the TT update plus other helpful updates included with 11.00.

Time Trial (TT) Plug-in Update

As we look forward to road races starting back up and cross country season, we expect many races will begin adopting new practices to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. One of these practices will be in the form of utilizing wave, or group, starts. In response to how to manage these wave starts, we’ve added flexibility to the Time Trial plug-in. You will no longer be limited to using the ID as the key field associated to a start signal. If a race is started with a wave for each team or school, select the Affiliation field and assign each start accordingly. Another option is to use the License or User3 field to pre-assign a wave to each participant. This will allow you to easily deal with last-minute changes before or even during a race. Watch the video for details on the updated Time Trial plug-in.

Lynx Wind Module Improvements 

With FinishLynx 11.00, the Lynx Wind Module will send readings back to the wind gauge when an event receives a reading, when a reading is selected from the list, and when a reading is manually entered. This is intended to allow controlling the wind gauge from FinishLynx and displaying the reading on a Gill E49821 & E49822 Countdown Timer in Wind mode connected to the Standalone Wind Gauge Controller using only 1 serial port.

Scoreboard Module Improvements

When the running time is in the Paused or Finished state, the scoreboard module will re-send the data if anything in the Event changes. This is intended primarily to allow a wind reading that comes in while in one of these states to be sent out immediately, but it will allow any Event data to be sent immediately.

Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-In

The Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-In is the latest addition to the FinishLynx plug-in family and gives a new solution for remote applications to access FinishLynx event data over the network. LDP is meant for programmers that have specific objectives such as streaming image frames or analyzing it using AI technology. If you’re interested in knowing more about he Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-In, contact Tech Support.


View and download the complete release notes here.

Now Introducing: The LynxCube Gaming Console Plug-In

April 1, 2020 – Want to keep timing, but are stuck at home? LynxCube is our brand new camera plug-in that enables all Vision and Vision PRO cameras to be transformed into video game consoles. We know that times are tough right now with events getting cancelled and many people going stir crazy in their homes, but we believe that LynxCube is the perfect solution to stay safe while continuing to do what you love. We are happy to provide timers with a way to hone their FinishLynx skills from the comfort of their own couch.LynxCube April Fools-1LynxCube April Fools-2The goal of the LynxCube video game is to build your timing setup and successfully time various races in order to level up and become the best photo-finish timer that the world has ever seen! Some features of the game include customizing the race you’d like to time, choosing which equipment to use, and capturing & evaluating the results. The more accurate you are, the more points you will receive. As you receive more points, your character will level up. Each new level unlocks new backgrounds, races, and equipment that you can use for your virtual timing setup.  If you’d like a challenge, you can set your difficulty level to high. This means that anything could happen, whether the rain clouds decide to open up, or an angry athlete’s mother wants to give you a piece of her mind. It’s up to you to decide how  to handle each scenario. However, it’s important to note, if you leave your camera out in the rain with no cover, you may find that you received little to no points for that race.

LynxCube April Fools 3

You may be thinking: why should I care about points? Well, let us tell you. Since there aren’t many live races to be timed at the moment, we will consider the completion of this game as a certifiable Lynx training course. If you complete level 100, you will be honored with the title of Super Mega Ultimate Powerful Master of FinishLynx Timing (a rare honor). We will even send you a certificate in the mail! Imagine having that kind of title on your resume?

LynxCube April Fools-3

We have a feeling you may have already guessed, but APRIL FOOLS! We hope you enjoyed the post and encourage you to share it if you enjoyed it.

There is no denying that we are all going through difficult times right now. As a company, we realize that people are experiencing great amounts of uncertainty and fear, but we hope that in these dark times you are able to find pieces of light. That is why we are continuing with our annual April Fools tradition. The current state of the world is something to take seriously, which we can assure you that we’re taking every precaution necessary. As we have said before, we are facing this challenge together and will emerge even stronger than ever before because we will have faced it together as the Lynx family. We are thinking of you all and hoping that you are safe and well until we are able to get back at it and better than ever!

COVID-19 Update: Lynx Headquarters in MA Closed

April 30, 2020 – [UPDATE] The Massachusetts stay-at-home order and non-essential business shutdown has been extended through Monday, May 18, 2020. As stated below, Lynx is still offering Technical Support via email or phone and will be taking orders via email. Orders that can be processed electronically can be completed immediately, with all other orders shipping after the tentative new reopen date of May 18, 2020.

March 31, 2020 – [UPDATE] The Massachusetts stay-at-home order and non-essential business shutdown has been extended through Monday, May 4, 2020. As stated below, Lynx is still offering Technical Support via email or phone and will be taking orders via email. Orders that can be processed electronically can be completed immediately, with all other orders shipping after the tentative new reopen date of May 4, 2020.

March 24, 2020 – With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to develop, Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, issued all non-essential businesses to close their offices to all employees, customers, and the public beginning March 24, 2020 at 12pm EST through at least Tuesday, April 7th at 12pm EST. For this reason, Lynx has closed its headquarters in Haverhill, MA.

During this shutdown period, we will only able to complete orders that can be delivered via email (ex. Serial Numbers). However, we will still be offering Technical Support via email and over the phone, and all other orders will ship after our expected reopen date, April 8th, 2020.

Please be safe and well until we are all able to get back at it and better than ever!

How to Reach Lynx:

Technical Support


Phone: (978) 556-9780

Placing Orders

Domestic Sales:

International Sales:



FinishLynx Timer Spotlight: MichianaTiming


Something we really enjoy here at Lynx is getting to know the people who use our products. Just like our own business, each of our customers have their own story – how and why they started, the challenges they faced along the way, and so much more. That’s why we started asking our community for their stories. It’s so interesting to hear from people all around the world who may disagree on some things, but have one thing in common: they think FinishLynx is the best!  For our latest installment of the FinishLynx Timer Spotlight, we spoke with Don Passenger and Lindsey Wieck, the father-daughter timing team who went from timing races with Popsicle sticks and stop watches to using FinishLynx cameras to capture about 500 events every year.


Locations: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin

Number of Events: About 500 per year

Briefly tell us about your business.

MichianaTiming Cross Country
Cross Country Timing with FinishLynx

Our business,, times about 500 events each year. Our primary areas are track, cross country, road races, and triathlons in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The company was co-founded by Don Passenger (dad) and Lindsey Wieck (daughter). Lindsey is the owner of the company and handles all aspects of financial management.

What is one thing that makes your company unique?

We are re-sellers, or dealers, of FinishLynx equipment, so we sell what we use and use what we sell, which makes for good support for our Lynx purchasers.

How long have you been in business?

EtherLynx Camera

Ironically, nobody knows when or how our business started. We began by timing races with Popsicle sticks and stop watches and just kept automating more and getting better. Eventually, we bought our first Lynx camera about 11 years ago- used- and it is still in service today along with several dozen other cameras. We started chip timing ten years ago, and we just continue to grow in our knowledge and use.

Is there any advice you wish you had received when you first started out?

Respect the relationships others have built… and value the relationships you have built.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your business?

Timing at its core is really hard work and so the challenge is finding enough talented crew members to handle 6-10 events on any given day while maintaining the quality our customers deserve (which we view as including not just race directors/meet managers, but also coaches, participants, and spectators too). We are lucky to have about eight key people who help make our company grow and thrive.

What three words would you use to describe FinishLynx? 

Accurate, stable, awesome.

RadioLynx Wireless Start

Which products and accessories are a part of your usual timing set up?

Are there any features you would like to see added to the system?

Don: I have shared my next goal with the Lynx engineering team and I think it will be amazing and revolutionary, but it is a secret.

Lindsey: A siren to scare people off who might inopportunely cross in front of your camera 🙂

What has been your favorite race so far and why?

We have several, but the Manistee National Cross Country Invite is maybe the best because of how well organized it is.

If you could time any type of race in the world, which would it be and why?

Don: The Olympics because as a child it was my goal to participate in the Olympics, but my athletic skills were just short of that standard.

Lindsey: I really love some of the amazing FinishLynx art I’ve seen created and would love to be in the right place with the right athletes to make some of my own!

What made you start timing? What keeps you going (favorite part of the job)?

We feel that we are giving back to a sport that gave us so much in life and helped make us who we are. We don’t really know how or when we started. It was just helping friends or timing events for teams we coached, but then we found we had a talent for it and it just kept growing.

Don at Lynx HQ in Haverhill, MA

Please feel free to share any other information that you think is interesting or relevant to the timing community.

One of our favorite parts of timing, which was enhanced by our opportunity to be a dealer, is the network of friends that we have nationwide. On any given day we may get a dozen or more calls ranging from former Olympians who time, to a first time mom and pop, or local school getting things clicking for the first time and missing one step. We enjoy problem solving and it gives us satisfaction to be able to assist others.

We are very thankful for Don and Lindsey for answering these questions for our Timer Spotlight Series. We loved hearing all about your company and what you’ve been through!

Interested in being a part of our Q&A? Please send an email to:

To learn more about MichianaTiming: Click Here

To learn more about photo-finish timing systems: Click Here

Lynx Logo

Waking FinishLynx from Hibernation

New year, new goals! You don’t need 2020 vision to see that the accuracy and reliability of FinishLynx timing equipment is essential at any track meet at every level. Soon enough it will be the spring track season, and if you’re honest with yourself, are you ready for that? Get your camera off the shelf and on the track! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Follow these steps to become a FinishLynx wiz for this track season:

1. Take your camera off the shelf.Photo-Finish Camera for Track

This may seem obvious, but we feel as though it needs to be said. Whether you are a seasoned Lynx user, or a novice learner, now is the perfect time! We understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and levels of timing experience, so we have numerous resources available for users to become more familiar with their equipment. That is why we are presenting you with every resource we have available, all on one page.  Speaking of, that leads us into our next step…

2. Start the learning process or refresh your brain with our online resources.

Quick Start Guides – Lucky for you, we have a QSG for every product that we ship! There should be one included with the equipment you purchased, but they are also located on our website for any time that you may need to take another look. These documents are essential for learning how to use FinishLynx systems. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up the technology and get it up and running for your race.

Online Manual – Another go-to resource for becoming a FinishLynx master is our online, searchable, mobile-friendly software manual. This manual is provided to help first time users set up and run FinishLynx so that it will become as familiar and easy to use as a computer. You can begin with the “Getting Started” section, or you can look up more specific topics if you’re having trouble with a particular piece of equipment or system. This manual stays up-to-date and new information is added each time the FinishLynx software is updated. 

YouTube Tutorial Videos – More of a visual learner? Not a problem. Our YouTube channel has plenty of technical support videos from the basic hardware setup to more advanced functions within the FinishLynx software. We even have a playlist called “New User FinishLynx Timing System Setup“. Head over to our channel and break out the popcorn to start learning the ins and outs of preparing your hardware and software for your next meet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Since we have quite a bit of experience providing technical support for FinishLynx products and accessories (28 years to be exact), we have put together some of the more common questions that our tech support team has run into over the years. This includes topics about purchasing FinishLynx, Camera Setup, FinishLynx Software & Networking, and more. Fore more detailed information on how to set up your timing system, you should refer back to our Quick Start Guides, or, as always, our technical support team is just one phone call away.

3. Get to know our technical support team.

FinishLynx Technical Support

Call or Email – Speaking of technical support, here’s how to get in contact with them! We pride ourselves on our ability to help customers in unlocking the full potential of FinishLynx technology. We have 24/7 support via our main line: (978) 556-9780. The team can also be reached by emailing

Technical Support Training – Still stumped? Lynx does offer on-site group training for new FinishLynx users. Please submit a form here and a member of the Lynx training staff will be in touch shortly.

4. Get Social!

Over the many years that Lynx has been around, we’ve watched as the community of timers and operators has grown. On Facebook, we even have a FinishLynx Sports Timers group where members can post technical questions or brag about their latest race (we love the photos- please keep them coming!) You may even be able to get in touch with a Lynx user in your area who could train you on how to use your system or just give some helpful tips. 

In addition to Facebook, you can also connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Every Friday, we tweet a timing tip of the week, which can be helpful for timers to discover specific resources we have online or practical tips that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. On Instagram, we love re-posting our customers’ content, so once you figure out your system and are ready to show off a little bit, be sure to tag us or use the #FinishLynx hashtag.

Lynx Year-End Review- 2019 Milestones

As we approach the end of 2019, we can’t help but think about all that we have achieved this year. Lynx continues to provide the quality and support that you, our community, need and deserve. Reflect on the past year with us by taking a look at what happened over the course of 2019.

New Balance Nationals Display Board

6/2019 New Balance Nationals (Greensboro, NC)

In June, two Lynx tech support team members traveled down to Aggie Stadium in North Carolina with Flash Results. At this event, the nation’s best high school runners, jumpers, throwers, walkers, and relay crews competed for an exciting four days that marked the 28th year of the New Balance Nationals Outdoor competition. Even more exciting, our IsoLynx player tracking technology was implemented alongside FinishLynx equipment! By combining IsoLynx with FinishLynx, the event displayed the speed and estimated finish times of the racers. This is just a sneak peek of what this new system has in store for the sports technology industry!

8/2019 Pan American Games (Lima, Peru)

Once again, a tech support team member traveled to work alongside Flash Results, but this time it was for the 2019 Pan American Games. 747 athletes from 41 countries across the globe participated in the Athletics portion of this event. There were several 3-sided Lynx LED displays positioned throughout the field, displaying information to the entire crowd. Want to see the action? View the full Facebook Album here.

10/2019 Office Updates (Haverhill, MA)

Upgrading our headquarters began in October of this year after receiving some polite feedback that our old sign was much too weathered and faded. So, we decided to spruce up the place a little bit! Installing a new exterior sign was just the beginning. In November, new cubicles were added, and the office space was renovated. We are loving the new renovations, but it does not end there. We will have even more updates through the upcoming months- stay tuned!

11/2019 International Conferences & Trade Shows (Cologne, Germany – Manchester, England – Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland)

November was a very busy month for our Director of International Sales, Paul. He started November in Cologne, Germany for the FSB Trade Show. He was joined by our CEO and Director of Marketing to catch up with some partners and meet with new people to talk about the latest in sports technology. Paul then made his way to Manchester, England for a photo-finish conference with HS Sports at the Etihad Campus. He then finished up his trip in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland for a Conference with Domtel Sports Timing. It was so amazing to speak with members of the sports timing community from different places around the world. 

FinishLynx International Conferences

12/2019 National Athletic Directors Conference (National Harbor, MD)

This is definitely something we look forward to every year! The National Athletic Directors Conference was held in National Harbor, Maryland this year. Our Sales and Marketing departments flew down to speak with Athletic Directors from around the country. It is always a blast to explain how FinishLynx can make track timing a million times easier for any school.

2019 Technical Support Overview

FinishLynx 10.12- Did you catch the new FinishLynx software version that was released 8/14/2019? If not, be sure to update your software to enjoy features including:

  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) which is a Vision PRO feature meant to optimize focus adjustment
  • Camera White List Management which makes it possible to run concurrent FinishLynx sessions on a single network, each session controlling specific cameras

Group Training

Our fantastic technical support staff always keeps busy! If they are not diagnosing issues over the phone, or responding to your emails, they can be booked for new user training sessions. Our tech guys traveled to and met up with Lynx users in places like Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and more. What better way to learn than from the experts themselves? If you would like to experience this hands on training with the Lynx technical support team, please fill out a form to learn more.

Support Videos

2019 brought 4 new tutorial videos to our YouTube channel and Support Videos page. Is there anything that doesn’t have a video that you wish it did? Let us know!

New videos included:

Top 5 Social Media Posts of 2019

Here at Lynx, we like to keep it fun. We want to interact with our community, and keep you up to date on all of our company happenings. That is why we value posting on social media so much. It lets us see what all of our customers are up to, and how they are using FinishLynx equipment, which makes for some pretty cool re-shares on our accounts! Thanks for that, by the way. We love being tagged in all of your amazing, cool, beautiful, funny, rare shots. There is no better reward than seeing how our community is using our products out in the field. That is why for this blog post we decided to do a countdown of our most popular social media posts of 2019. #1 had the most reactions, comments, and engagements. Do you think you know which post it was? Let’s find out!

5. What is your FinishLynx Name?

FinishLynx Social Media

4. The Big Reveal of our New Exterior Sign:

FinishLynx Social Media

3. Dubai World Cup Vision PRO Capture:

FinishLynx Social Media

2. 27th Anniversary Celebration- 25th Anniversary Blog Post:

FinishLynx Social Media

And finally… the number one post of the year… did you guess it?

1. ForceLynx April Fools Blog Post:

FinishLynx April Fools

Looking Forward

Although we achieved a lot this past year, Lynx is always thinking about what comes next. It’s interesting and amazing how so much can happen in just one year. We hope that 2020 will bring new and exciting content ideas that will make the FinishLynx experience all the more exciting. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the upcoming year. Everything we do is aimed at benefiting our community, whether that be increasing understanding or keeping you all entertained! We appreciate your continued support of our company, and thank you for being a valued member of the Lynx family.

Connect with us!

We wish everyone a safe and happy new year! See you next decade!