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Plugin: Time Trial

The Time Trial (TT) plug-in enables the FinishLynx software to operate in Time Trial Mode where multiple, varying start times can be assigned to competitors across a single event. Unlike traditional athletics events where one start signal is used for all athletes, some events (like road cycling) may require multiple start times. June 2020 Update - As we look forward to road races starting back up, we expect many will begin adopting new practices to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. One of these practices will be utilizing wave, or group, starts. In response to how to manage these wave starts, we’ve added flexibility to the Time Trial plug-in. You will no longer be limited to using the ID as the key field associated to a start signal. If a race is started with a wave for each team or school, select the Affiliation field and assign each start accordingly. Another option is to use the License or User3 field to pre-assign a wave to each participant. This will allow you to easily deal with last-minute changes before or even during a race. Click into the Video tab below to see how this works. 
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The Time Trial plug-in enables Time Trial Mode in FinishLynx, allowing timers to assign different start times to each individual athlete when necessary.  Time Trial events have an additional inline region in the FinishLynx software interface labeled Time Trial. This line lists the number of starts in the event. Start lines in a Time Trial event are indented, and the indent region is highlighted to mark the current start.

When a start is received, its ID value is automatically filled-in with the selected results value. If there are no results (populated from the start list), then the ID value is left blank and it can be added or edited at any time.  The “Set Current Time” feature also allows users to set the current start time for the purposes of onscreen running time, scoreboard running time, and Lap Time event generation.

Time Trials with the FinishLynx Lap Time Plug-in

When the Time Trial plug-in is installed along with the Lap Time plug-in, there is an additional Lap Time option labeled From Photo Eye. This feature means that when a photoeye break is processed by the scoreboard (which causes the running time to pause or stop) then a Lap Time event is generated with the ID of the current start and the time of the break.


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