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32×128 Pixel MicroGraph LED Display Kit

The 32x128 MicroGraph LED Display Kit is a versatile sports scoreboard that includes the display, power supply, internal battery, data cable, and carrying case. The MicroGraph board can display images and up to 3 lines of alphanumeric text. It also supports multiple fonts and characters that can range in height from 6cm to 32cm.
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The 32×128 pixel MicroGraph LED is an excellent display for events of any size, sport, or venue. This large and configurable LED scoreboard offers great flexibility and portability. Each MicroGraph module has an LED matrix of 128 x 32 and supports both text and images. MicroGraph can display up to three lines of alphanumeric characters, various font types, and characters up to 32cm (12.6″) in height.

The modular design of MicroGraph displays allows you to combine multiple boards to create a single larger display. This means event information can be viewed at even greater distances away by athletes, fans, and officials alike.  Additional MicroGraph display boards can be added vertically and horizontally to create a gapless LED wall. When connected to the FinishLynx results network, the MicroGraph board can display timing and results data including:

  • Competitor Names
  • Times
  • Speed
  • Scores and Penalties
  • Wind Gauge Measurements
  • Configurable Text and Messages

The MicroGraph display can be equipped with plug-ins such as:

  • Internal battery
  • Wireless Network Card
  • GPS sensor
  • 12/48 V switch for external battery connection
MicroGate Documentation
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MicroGraph LED Display User Manual4.9 MBDownload
Product Version: 3.6.4
Weight: 17 kg