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Introducing VeriLight & Software Updates

VeriLight brings technology recently showcased at the highest level of competition and makes it available for all. This Ethernet (PoE) device can be managed from VeriLynx, FinishLynx or FieldLynx and serves as a multi-purpose, remote-controlled, indicator light. Are you struggling to find all the officials needed to run an event? Use it with VeriLynx or FieldLynx to flag foot fouls in the Long or Triple Jump. Is communication between the timer and the starter a challenge? Use VeriLight with FinishLynx to inform the starter that the next race is armed and ready for a start.

Pre-defined and customizable scoreboard scripts (LSS files) are provided to quickly become operational. Simply connect VeriLight to your network via PoE and you are ready to go.


  • Multi-color (5-tier) signal tower
  • Ethernet connection with PoE support
  • Free-standing platform
  • Seamless Integration with VeriLynx, FinishLynx and FieldLynx
  • Customizable lights and sound via scoreboard script (LSS)
  • Includes 9 programmable LED colors
  • Flashing or solid LED behavior
  • 11 selectable alarms
VeriLight Green


FinishLynx 12.21 Update

TIP: To preserve your current settings, do not uninstall the old version.

VeriLight Support

VeriLight, an Ethernet (PoE) device, can be managed from VeriLynx, FinishLynx (or FieldLynx) and serves as a multi-purpose, remote-controlled, indicator light. Use it with VeriLynx to show foul/valid attempts or with FinishLynx to show when a race is armed and ready for the next start.

TIP: VeriLight defaults to and listening on port 10000.

To use VeriLight with VeriLynx:

  1. Alt-F (VeriLight | Foul) will toggle VeriLight red/off to indicate a foul.
  2. Alt-V (VeriLight | Valid) will toggle VeriLight green/off.
  3. To use VeriLight with FinishLynx.

To use VeriLight with FinishLynx:

  1. Create a new scoreboard object.
  2. Select VeriLight_Ready.lss
  3. Set the IP Address and Port to and 10000.
  4. Set Running time = Auto
  5. Simply arm the next event for VeriLight to light up green. It will turn off after a start signal is received.

Scoreboard Scripts

  • VeriLight.lss is added.
  • VeriLight_Ready.lss is added.
  • ResulTV_VeriLynx.lss can show valid/foul on ResulTV standard layouts when using the VeriLynx profile.
  • ResulTV_Video_VeriLynx.lss can show valid/foul on ResulTV video layouts when using the VeriLynx profile.
  • ResulTV_Video_1line.lss is updated to display the wind in the header row when applicable.
  • ResulTV_Video_3lines.lss is updated to display the wind in the header row when applicable.
  • ResulTV_Video_1line-360.lss is a customized ResulTV video layout for the Lynx 360 display.
  • ResulTV_AutoSwitch.lss simplifies setting up layout switching.
  • VDMPlaceNameTime.lss is updated to display the wind in the header row when applicable.
  • Nevco_123.lss is updated.
  • Nevco_Matrix.lss is added.
  • Nevco_x6xx.lss is added.

Additional Updates

Language (LNG) File Updates

  • de_DE.lng
  • en_VL.lng

White Balance Defaults

When a Vision-Series camera is initially booted it will use updated white balance default values:

  • Vision (5L500): RGB = 90,0,120
  • Vision PRO (5L600): RGB = 90,0,60

User Interface Improvements

Internal RadioLynx Frequency selecetion box(Camera Settings | RadioLynx tab) displays the corresponding HiLink value between brackets (e.g. 0001(47) where 47 is the HiLink equivalent of 0001).

Installer Updates

The en_US.lng is no longer overwritten when a new version is installed.

NOTE: Run FinishLynx as Administrator (right-click shortcut + Run As Administrator) for best performance.

Advanced – Other Settings

Additional Other (hidden) settings are included:

  • Event\LargeFile now defaults to 15000 (240mb).
  • Event\WarnCropped now defaults to 0 (disabled).
  • Scoreboard#\TCPEchoBytes determines if data received from a device are echoed back (legacy/default) or not (value = 0)

Downloads & Resources

FinishLynx Software & Documentation
NameFile Size
FinishLynx 12.21 (1/2/2024)3 MBDownload
FinishLynx LITE 12.21 3 MBDownload
FinishLynx 12.21 Release Notes156 KBDownload
FinishLynx Help Files37 MBDownload
FieldLynx Software & Documentation
NameFile Size
FieldLynx 1.93 Software for Windows4 MBDownload
FieldLynx 1.93 Software Release Notes182 KBDownload
FieldLynx Lite 1.93 Software Release Notes153 KBDownload
QSG – FieldLynx479 KBDownload
NameFile Size
ResulTV 6.314 MBDownload
ResulTV-VDM 6.313 MBDownload
ResulTV 6.31 Release Notes164 KBDownload
NetExchange Server Software
NameFile Size
NetExchange 3.233 MBDownload
NetExchange Release Notes 3.2376 KBDownload

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