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Lynx Technology at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Brasov

February 17 – 22, 2013: The Short Track Speed Skating competition at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Brasov Romania featured FinishLynx Timing and Results production.

1000 m Ladies FINAL
1000 m Ladies FINAL : With only 2/1,000th second between 1st and 2nd place it is always nice to have FinishLynx photo finish to make the call.

Logo of European Youth Olympic Winter Festival

This marks a continuation of the long-standing endorsement and utilization of Lynx technology by ISU sanctioned events. The  Winter European Youth Olympic Festival represents the top events for approximately 1,300 young athletes between the ages of 14 and 18. The competition is organised in two-year cycles, always in odd years, and is sponsored by the Association of European Olympic Committees (EOC). (more…)

FinishLynx technology at the 2013 IAAF Winter Permit Meeting in Moscow


Russian Athletics Russian Winter Permit Meeting

Ever since Lynx partnered with the ARAF in July 2012, our Russian partners from Elastomer have been hard at work training with FinishLynx technology at events across the country. Well now we’re proud to announce that Elastomer has successfully completed its first large-scale IAAF athletics competition. The Russian crew provided timing and results for the 2013 IAAF Winter Permit Meeting this past weekend in Moscow, Russia. (more…)

New Balance Indoor Games 2013

New Balance Indoor Games 2013

Mary Cain - 16 years old New American Record in 2 mile Mary Cain – 16 years old sets a New American High School Record in 2 mile

FinishLynx technology provided timing and results for the New Balance Indoor meet on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. The IAAF permit meet saw 16 year old Mary Cain run 9:38.68 for 2 miles – a performance that is the single best mark in US HS girl’s distance history. Cain broke the existing record (held by Melody Fairchild for over 20 years) by more than 17 seconds. (more…)

Introducing the FinishLynx 8.2 Software Update

FinishLynx Version 8.2

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Key New Features

Scroll wheel.

mouse scroll wheel

You can now use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll scrollable elements in FinishLynx (lists and the image windows). For simple lists, scrolling the mouse wheel will move the list up or down. In the image window, it will move the image backwards or forwards (left and right).

The image scrolling works with both EtherLynx images, and IdentiLynx video frames.

Aspect ratio control.

Note: All the changes in the presentation of the image of this feature are reversable, and do not affect the timing precision of the original image


Normal Aspect Image

The image above has a perfect height-to-width ratio (circles appear round)

Too Narrow Image

Normal Aspect Image

Image is too narrow. You can now “stretch” images which appear compressed

Resulting Image on FinishLynx Screen, Bitmaps and Printouts

Too Wide Aspect Ration

Normal Aspect Image
Image is too wide. You can now “compress” images which appear stretched. Resulting Image on FinishLynx Screen, Bitmaps and Printouts


Partnerships with USA Track & Field and the All-Russia Athletic Federation

Official Timing & Results Provider of USA Track & Field

USATF Logo6/29/2012 – Lynx is proud to announce a new 4-year partnership with USA Track & Field. Lynx will now serve as the organization’s Official Timing & Results Provider. The agreement formalizes a longtime relationship between USATF and Lynx, which for more than 15 years has provided the timing systems for USA championship events.

Lynx will provide the timing and results production service for USA Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Championships through the 2016 USA Indoor Championships. The partnership ensures Lynx’s most technologically advanced equipment at USATF’s premier event properties and will expand live results at Read the full press release on


Los Juegos Panamericanos de Guadalajara 2011

Lynx at the Pan-American Games 2011

Lynx worked extensively with the Spanish company MSL to produce timing and results at the 2011 Pan-American Games in Guadalajara. This major international competition featured athletes from 42 countries competing in 36 sports, 40 disciplines and nearly 400 events.

FinishLynx cameras and other Lynx technology produced results at the Athletics, Cycling and Rowing venues.

The full results of this competition can be found here