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Introducing NerfLynx and the Instagram Filter Software Plugin

April 1, 2014 – We’re proud to announce two new concept products to our line of photo finish technology. We’ve listened to your feedback and spent years developing these innovative new product options.

1. NerfLynx Finish Line Defense Mount

NerfLynx is the world’s first finish line defense system. When an unauthorized photographer, official, or relative comes near the finish line during an event, NerfLynx automatically fires foam darts at the intruder to scare them away from your camera’s line of sight. NerfLynx also allows manual captures. Simply record the intruder’s image and draw a box around them with the right mouse button – then select “NerfLynx Fire” in the image drop-down menu. Early season testing confirms an 85% hit ratio – that rises to 98% when integrated with IdentiLynx. Keep your finish line clear by deploying NerfLynx today.

NerfLynx April Fool's Product from FinishLynx
NerfLynx fires darts at finish line intruders at Penn Relays.

2. Instagram Filter Software Plugin for FinishLynx

This next product is one of our most requested features of all time. Over the years, customers have asked us how to “spice up” their finish line images. They love the trademark FinishLynx image look – but they’d love to add a little more flair to their results printouts. Maybe something that’s more shareable on social media. Well the new Instagram Filter Plugin looks to solve that problem.

This plugin integrates directly into your FinishLynx software and provides a number of new photo-editing and filter capabilities. Why print or post a normal FinishLynx image when you can add one of our cool new filters like Neon or Mosaic. Version 1 has 5 new filters to choose from, but we hope to add 15+ more options in version 2.

FinishLynx Instagram Filter Plugin for April Fool's Day.
Spice up your results with one of our cool new FinishLynx image filters.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, both of these products are just part of an April Fool’s joke. Thanks for your continued support and sense of humor! 

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