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Announcing the EtherLynx Vision Camera with EasyAlign Mode

Bronze Package with EtherLynx Vision Camera
Vision Bronze Package

October 1, 2014 — Lynx System Developers is proud to announce the official US release of the new EtherLynx Vision photo-finish camera. The 5L500 is the latest in a long line of EtherLynx  cameras and represents the next generation of sports timing technology. The new camera brings with it a number of exciting new features and upgrade options that will help make FinishLynx more accessible and versatile for novice users.

The Vision comes standard with full-color image captures, power-over-Ethernet, and the new EasyAlign full frame video alignment mode. It also includes upgrade options like LuxBoost low-light amplification, high-resolution captures (2,000 fps), an internal battery pack, and more.

As of October 1st, The camera will immediately be integrated into the US high school track & field packages. Along with the release of the new camera, we will also be offering a generous camera trade-in program so users can upgrade an older EtherLynx camera for the new Vision. For more details about the Vision, including feature demos and document downloads, visit the official page at: