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Thrilling Tour de France Photo-Finish Image Captured by Matsport Timing During Stage 7

Just 0.001 separates Trentin & Sagan in a dramatic Stage 7 photo-finish at the 2014 Tour de France

Tour de France cycling photo finish Matteo Trentin & Peter Sagan
Dramatic cycling photo-finish image from stage 7 of the Tour de France. Matteo Trentin beats Peter Sagan by just 1/1000th of a second. Click to enlarge.

Nancy, France – FinishLynx partner Matsport Timing is getting a lot of press today after capturing a thrilling photo-finish during the seventh stage of the Tour de France. Italy’s Matteo Trentin edged out Slovakia’s Peter Sagan by just 1/1000th of a second (0.001) to win the stage. Matsport is a long-time FinishLynx partner and serves as the Lynx European Center, supporting many of our international customers. We’re always excited to see beautiful photo-finish captures in the news.  But we love it even more when the hardworking timers from Matsport can get some major press. They’re truly masters of their craft: producing reliable and high-quality photo finish results.

Of course, the Matsport timing team is no stranger to major photo-finishes like this one. They have been timing the Tour de France and many other major cycling events for years. During that time, they’ve captured some wonderful FinishLynx photo-finishes from cycling events around the world:

Tour de France photo-finish 2005
Pieter Weening wins by 0.002 at the 2005 Tour de France – Matsport
cycling photo finish crash image
A dramatic cycling photo-finish crash – Matsport
cat animal photo finish image
The cat takes first place in a tight photo finish – Matsport
Mascot photo finish Presidential Tour of Turkey
Mascot photo-finish at the Presidential Tour of Turkey – Matsport
Tour de France photo-finish image capture
Our favorite Tour de France photo finish image – Matsport

Kudos to Matsport. We hope there’s even more exciting photo-finishes to come. Want to learn more about FinishLynx timing systems for cycling? Take a look at our cycling timing packages now.


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