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Track Installation Resources for Architects & Contractors

Add FinishLynx Timing Systems to a New Track or Athletics Venue

Finish line camera at Boston University

We’ve helped architects, contractors, and builders install FinishLynx timing systems in thousands of sports venues across the world. Outfitting a new stadium with a state-of-the-art results network can be a long process. That’s why we prepared technical resources to support you every step of the way.

In general, the earlier you integrate Lynx technology into the infrastructure of your stadium, the more flexible and seamless your final results network can be. This is especially true for large, multi-sport athletic complexes. But providing adequate access to power, conduits, networking, and junction boxes is essential for venues of any size.

Professional and Olympic Sports Venues Trust FinishLynx

We believe FinishLynx is the most powerful and flexible sports timing system in the world. And after 20 years of supporting new stadium constructions, we have the credentials to show for it. FinishLynx technology can be found in the elite-level venues across every major sport, including Athletics, Cycling, Rowing, Speed Skating, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, and various Motor-Sports applications. Major Track & Field venues include:

  • University of Oregon’s Hayward Field (USA)
  • Estádio Mangueirão (Brazil)
  • Gombak Stadium (Singapore)
  • Novogorsk Olympic Training Center (Russia)
  • Mexican Olympic Sports Center (Mexico)
  • Randall’s Island – Icahn Stadium (USA)
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Timing & Results Infrastructure Essentials



All cables & connectors are industry standard and can be installed by most licensed electrical contractors, including Serial, Ethernet, XLR-3, and Fiber Optics.



Underground conduits are essential for running wires throughout the venue to support timing cameras and accessories. Recommended 2″ min. width & 45° or 90° elbows.



Junction Boxes – Should be located near the finish line – ideally on both inside and outside of the track. Provide AC Power and optional access to Serial, Ethernet, and XLR-3 cables.



Venues should provide adequate protection for all cables and connections against wind, water, and snow. This includes outlet covers, conduit caps, & junction box drainage.

Junction Boxes

In-Ground Junction Box

Junction boxes are made by a variety of manufacturers, including Gill VersaCom Boxes, Sportsfield Specialties ComBox units, and Christy Concrete Electrical Boxes. A typical in-ground junction box is installed with either a drainage pipe, or an open bottom that drains to the substrate layer of the track. When connecting the junction boxes via conduits under the track, it is done most commonly with 2″ PVC pipe and two 45° elbows (sweep elbows) on each end.

It is best to have at least three of these conduits at or near the finish line connecting the junction boxes inside and the outside the track. This will provide an adequate level of redundancy and room for expansion. One half of each box will be used for power cables, and the others will be for communication wires. If possible, these conduits should be capped and watertight. It’s important to note that if fiber-optic cable is run under the track, the conduit should not have a sharp 90° elbow on either end. Fiber-optic cables require more gradual sweep elbows (45°) to prevent damage when they’re being pulled through the conduit.

Basic and Advanced Athletics Infrastructure Configurations

Basic Athletics Track Configuration

The infrastructure requirements for a timing system at an entry-level track facility are very simple. In some situations, however, it may not possible to run conduits under the track. In such cases, a completely wireless FinishLynx timing and results infrastructure may be an option. The recommended minimums for timing systems include:

  • 2 Junction Boxes, each located on opposite sides of the primary finish line and connected by 2″ underground conduit.
  • Ethernet Cable running through the conduit, connecting the primary finish line camera with the FinishLynx computer.
  • AC power or Power-over-Ethernet connection for the FinishLynx camera and accessories. Older FinishLynx cameras require AC power during operation. Modern FinishLynx (Vision) cameras run on Power-over-Ethernet, but will require AC power when using a wireless adapter add-on. It is preferable to have power both inside and outside the track to allow for future expansion to a two-camera system.
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Advanced Athletics Track Configuration

If you’re looking to install a fully automatic timing system in a large, multi-purpose facility, we highly recommend additional conduits and junction boxes. See the advanced infrastructure diagram (right) for more information. The requirements for large, multi-sport facilities include:

  • 1 pair of junction boxes at every potential finish line. This allows meet officials to reverse directions for 100 and 200-meter to avoid headwinds.
  • 3 Long Conduit Runs and Junction Boxes inside the beginning of each straightaway. This allows starting gun cables to be run underground throughout the track to avoid accidental contact by officials and athletes. The conduits should be configured as follows:
    • Conduit #1 runs from the main infield junction box, along the straightaway, to the start of the 100-meter dash.
    • Conduit #2 runs from the 100-meter start to the beginning of the 200-meter start.
    • Conduit #3 runs from the 200-meter start to the 1500-meter start.
  • Access to female XLR connectors at each infield junction box. This allows starter officials to easily plug-in starter pistols at any of the infield locations.
  • Infield power & communication conduits at the mid-point of both straight-aways that run to the press/coaching boxes. These conduits and junction boxes can be used to provide power for wind gauges and a data connection to the EtherLynx camera for the wind speed information.
  • Power and communication access for scoreboards and displays. Standalone displays are especially common on the infield of large track and field meets.
Advanced Track & Field Infrastructure Diagram
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Sample Basic System

Sample Advanced System

Installation Brochure

Track installation wiring diagrams facility architect brochure (1.3 MB, 11792 downloads)

Have some questions about including FinishLynx in a new design or upcoming construction? A member of our technical team would be happy to discuss your needs.

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