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Internal GPS Sync for Vision cameras

Internal GPS Sync (5LGPS) adds a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module and external antenna to your Vision-series camera. The upgrade allows you to synchronize and lock the camera’s time of day to compatible satellite networks.
Sku: 5LGPS   Category: Camera Upgrades

The Internal GPS Sync upgrade is valuable for operators who want to synchronize multiple timing devices used in parallel to time the same event. In its simplest use, Internal GPS Sync can be used to synchronize the camera time base to third-party laptime devices that are also locked to GPS time.

This upgrade could even be used as an improvement to system redundancy. If independent primary/backup cameras are both synced to GPS Time, it is simply a matter of manually entering the start TOD to recover from a missed start on one system.

The 5LGPS feature also allows users to capture the start time of an event, save the event, shutdown the camera and move it to a different location. Then re-sync, reopen the event, and resume capturing image, while maintaining the same accurate time base.

It is especially useful in Time Trial events where GPS-synchronized cameras can be placed at the both the start and finish lines. All clocks can share the same time-base even though the cameras are not networked together. This makes it possible to conveniently communicate start times to the finish line system and ensure accurate photo-finish times.

In more advanced setups, 5LGPS can allow combining multiple timing devices for motorsports events. For example, you could integrate multiple EtherLynx Vision PRO cameras, laptime decoders (with transponders), and chronometers (with photocells) — with all devices using the same Time of Day (TOD). The three types of devices may all have high-precision clocks, but if they don’t share a common start signal or same TOD, it becomes very difficult to integrate them in your timing system.

The upgrade is useful for cycling, rowing, paddling, and various types of high-speed motorsports, but also athletics (track) and cross-country.

When synced to GPS time, the cameras clock is tuned every minute and maintains sync within +/-15 microseconds.


  • The upgrade is compatible with all Vision-series cameras, including the Vision (5L500), and Vision PRO (5L600). The camera needs to be sent to Lynx for hardware upgrade.
  • When multiple cameras are used on the same local network in the same instance of FinishLynx, only one camera requires the upgrade.
  • The External Sync (5LPES) plug-in is NOT required.