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Locate Runners in FinishLynx by ID Number

With Cross Country season just around the corner, it can be useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help solve some problems that may arise.

When capturing a race with a large number of athletes, such as Cross country or road races, timers are left to scroll through an entire image file looking for a specific runner within the image or using the time stamp. But there’s an easier way!

Notice the small magnifying glass in the results section of FinishLynx below:

ID Runner Screenshot

The Find feature in FinishLynx will allow you to search for an athlete by ID number as long as the image has already been evaluated.

Simply enter the ID of the desired athlete and click Ok.ID Runner Screenshot 2

The vertical hash line will then jump to the corresponding time (and athlete) within the image.

ID Runner Screenshot 3


Voila! A simple trick to save you some time during those big races. Contact tech support with any questions.