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Why can’t I connect to the Access Point (AP) with my FieldLynx device?

Each Access Point (AP) purchased from Lynx System Developers should be labeled with the pertinent information for your wireless setup. The IP address should be set in the protocol. The SSID is typically set to “Lynx” and is the name you should see broadcast in the list of available networks. Each FieldLynx unit should have it’s own unique static IP in the same protocol as the AP.

  1. Ping the AP from one of the computers on the wired network
  2. Check the IP address of the FieldLynx device (
  3. Search for available SSID “Lynx” with the wireless card
  4. Connect to the “Lynx” network

If some of the steps above are not working, you should have your equipment available and call technical support (+1 978-556-9780) so that they can help troubleshoot your equipment.  If the AP was purchased from another supplier and set up by the customer, please have the manual available because we may not be familiar with the AP you are using.

FieldLynx is now running on the Windows OS. FieldLynx technology may be updated by purchasing Netbooks. The Netbooks provide a stronger and more reliable wireless network card. Netbooks also add the option to run field events on a wired network and contain USB ports to add direct connections to field even displays and wind gauges.

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