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How do I export the video from IdentiLynx to post on the web?

FinishLynx can export the IdentiLynx (IDL) video as an .avi file. There are many new features added to the IDL functions so you may also want to read some of the release notes so that your IDL is used to its full potential.

View the PDF:[wpfilebase tag=file id=61 /]

Steps to export video:

  1. Do not click in the IDL image or you will select a single pixel to export on each frame
  2.  If you want a specific area to export, you can left-click and hold, then drag a box around the image area you want exported
  3. Using the player controls at the top left of the image box, bring it to your start frame and select First and then drag it to your end frame and select End
  4. Go to Image | Export video
  5. View your IDL video in one of the media players to make sure you get the desired quality

Read the Release Notes on IDL features and discover the ability to add images (company logos) to the video frames or add a time stamp to each frame so you have a running time on the images as you play back the video.

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