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2020 US Spring FinishLynx Promotion

Take Advantage of Spring Savings

Camera Upgrades | FinishLynx Plug-Ins | FieldLynx 

This spring, Lynx is offering discounts on a number of Lynx-manufactured products and plug-ins. Many of these items are featured on FinishLynx timer’s top add-ons or upgrades lists, and for good reason. Take a look below to see how you can update or upgrade your current timing system.

Note: In addition to the discounts listed below, Lynx will be extending the warranties of any system purchased after March 1, 2020 by six months so you’ll be covered through your next season.

Offers expire May 15, 2020





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    Camera Upgrades

    Part #DescriptionList PriceDiscounted Price
    5LEVFElectronic View Finder Option for Vision Series$295$236
    5LHRHigh Resolution Option$1,995$1,596
    5LEFElectronic Filter Option for Vision Series$195$156
    5LPLCPhased Light Compensation $895$716
    5LLUX4LuxBoost Boost Level 4 for Vision Series$995$796
    5LLUX8LuxBoost Boost Level 8 for Vision Series$1,995$1,596
    5LVDMVideo Display Option for Vision Series$795$636

    FinishLynx Plug-Ins

    The range of Lynx software plug-ins are designed to enhance the FinishLynx photo-finish results software. These include Auto-Capture Mode (ACM), Lap-Time (LT), Multiple Split Interface (MSI), Network COM Port (NCP), and Time Trial (TT).

    Part #DescriptionList PriceDiscounted Price
    5LACMVirtual Photo-Eye Unit & Auto Capture Plug-In for FinishLynx$695$556
    5LLAPLap and Split Counting and Timing Plug-In for FinishLynx32$495$396
    5LPNCPNetwork COM Port Plug-In for FinishLynx32$495$396
    5LPTTTime Trial Plug-In for FinishLynx32$595$476
    5LSPLITMulti-Split Plug-In for FinishLynx32$495$396

    FieldLynx Field Event Software & Management

    FieldLynx is our field event management solution, consisting of software and hardware components. On the software side, you would need NetExchange plus x number of FieldLynx License Seats. Most people will typically buy the same number of license seats as number of field events that they have going on at any one time.

    On the hardware side, a wireless access point is needed plus the wireless Windows devices to run the FieldLynx software. FieldLynx has individual interfaces for connection to a compatible scoreboard, wind gauge and LaserLynx for Electronic Distance Measurement.

    Note: At this time, we are unable to sell new NetExchange Licenses as they require a jump drive hardware key. Once the Lynx office is back open, we will be adding the NetExchange License to the list of Spring Promo offerings. 

    Part #DescriptionList PriceDiscounted Price
    6LSW_FLFieldLynx Site License – 1 seat for use with NetExchange$95$76
    6LSW_CLClerkLynx Site License – 1 seat for use with NetExchange$295$236
    6LSW1FieldLynx Scoreboard/Printer Interface Plug-In site license$395$316
    6LSW2FieldLynx Wind Gauge software plug-in site license$195$156
    6LSW3FieldLynx LaserLynx plug-in site license$495$396

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