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Join us at the 2015 FSB Trade Show in Germany

Cologne, Germany – We’re just a week away from the 2015 FSB Trade Show in Cologne, Germany. The event is also known as the IAKS Congress, sponsored by the (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities). If you’re not familiar, FSB is a global trade exhibition for architects, engineers, and manufacturers in the sports and recreation industries. FSB is held every two years at the Cologne Exhibition Center and this year’s show features 650+ brands from 45 countries, including Lynx System Developers. This year we’ll be showing off our updated sports timing systems and the EtherLynx Vision camera, which has been integrated into our packages over the past year.

We’ve been working hard the past few months the prep for this major event. Last week we shipped 3 photo-finish cameras, 700+ marketing brochures, dozens of display materials, and plenty of branded “schwag” to share with our visitors. Special thanks to our German partner ProTime for their help coordinating the shipping.

There’s no doubt FSB is a great chance the generate new partnerships and business opportunities. But the reason we love the show is because we get to spend time talking with our existing partners and customers.  This year we’re expecting dozens of our international resellers to be in attendance, as well as old colleagues from across the sports timing community. Is your company planning to attend this year’s FSB show? If so, stop by the FinishLynx booth:


Booth: Hall: 07 – Aisle: F – Booth: 50

Dates: Tuesday October 27th – Friday October 30th


We’ve heard good things about the German food and drink, so maybe we can meet up after hours too. Look forward to seeing you in Cologne. Send an email to intlsales and we would love to meet up.

FinishLynx booth at FSB

Thrilling Tour de France Photo-Finish Image Captured by Matsport Timing During Stage 7

Just 0.001 separates Trentin & Sagan in a dramatic Stage 7 photo-finish at the 2014 Tour de France

Tour de France cycling photo finish Matteo Trentin & Peter Sagan
Dramatic cycling photo-finish image from stage 7 of the Tour de France. Matteo Trentin beats Peter Sagan by just 1/1000th of a second. Click to enlarge.

Nancy, France – FinishLynx partner Matsport Timing is getting a lot of press today after capturing a thrilling photo-finish during the seventh stage of the Tour de France. Italy’s Matteo Trentin edged out Slovakia’s Peter Sagan by just 1/1000th of a second (0.001) to win the stage. Matsport is a long-time FinishLynx partner and serves as the Lynx European Center, supporting many of our international customers. We’re always excited to see beautiful photo-finish captures in the news.  But we love it even more when the hardworking timers from Matsport can get some major press. They’re truly masters of their craft: producing reliable and high-quality photo finish results.

Of course, the Matsport timing team is no stranger to major photo-finishes like this one. They have been timing the Tour de France and many other major cycling events for years. During that time, they’ve captured some wonderful FinishLynx photo-finishes from cycling events around the world:

Tour de France photo-finish 2005
Pieter Weening wins by 0.002 at the 2005 Tour de France – Matsport
cycling photo finish crash image
A dramatic cycling photo-finish crash – Matsport
cat animal photo finish image
The cat takes first place in a tight photo finish – Matsport
Mascot photo finish Presidential Tour of Turkey
Mascot photo-finish at the Presidential Tour of Turkey – Matsport
Tour de France photo-finish image capture
Our favorite Tour de France photo finish image – Matsport

Kudos to Matsport. We hope there’s even more exciting photo-finishes to come. Want to learn more about FinishLynx timing systems for cycling? Take a look at our cycling timing packages now.


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Lynx Timing and Photo Finish Seminar in Mexico

Classroom at FinishLynx Seminar
Classroom Learning

In early December 2013, Lynx System Developers, Inc. collaborated with the International Association of Athletic Federations [I.A.A.F.] and the Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo [F.M.A.A.] at a Digital Photo Finish and Timing seminar in Mexico City.

The three day seminar ran over three days and the timetable included:

  • A full day of FinishLynx system explanation, and classroom training
  • A ½ day of practical training at the Centro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano
  • A further ½ day of advanced system configuration and operation
  • An athletics competion at the Centro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano that was 100% timed by the participants.

Lynx provided two instructors, one Spanish speaking, and one from the Lynx Headquarters in the USAto present the information at the seminar. The FMAA organized the seminar, arranged accomodation for the instructors and the participants, and secured the cooperation of the Centro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano in the project. The 24 particpants came from all parts of Mexico for the seminar.

FinishLynx Cameras
Participants brought their cameras to learn how to get the maximum from them


Lynx Technology at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Brasov

February 17 – 22, 2013: The Short Track Speed Skating competition at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Brasov Romania featured FinishLynx Timing and Results production.

1000 m Ladies FINAL
1000 m Ladies FINAL : With only 2/1,000th second between 1st and 2nd place it is always nice to have FinishLynx photo finish to make the call.

Logo of European Youth Olympic Winter Festival

This marks a continuation of the long-standing endorsement and utilization of Lynx technology by ISU sanctioned events. The  Winter European Youth Olympic Festival represents the top events for approximately 1,300 young athletes between the ages of 14 and 18. The competition is organised in two-year cycles, always in odd years, and is sponsored by the Association of European Olympic Committees (EOC). (more…)

FinishLynx technology at the 2013 IAAF Winter Permit Meeting in Moscow


Russian Athletics Russian Winter Permit Meeting

Ever since Lynx partnered with the ARAF in July 2012, our Russian partners from Elastomer have been hard at work training with FinishLynx technology at events across the country. Well now we’re proud to announce that Elastomer has successfully completed its first large-scale IAAF athletics competition. The Russian crew provided timing and results for the 2013 IAAF Winter Permit Meeting this past weekend in Moscow, Russia. (more…)