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Sending Team Scores from Hy-Tek to ResulTV

1.   Create a Hy-Tek Source in ResulTV using the settings below.

Note: Port can be set to any desired number.

Hy-Tek to ResulTV - Image 1

2.   Create a new layout in ResulTV for Women’s Team scores.

  1. Insert a new object
  2. Set the source to local override, selected sources, Women’s Team Scores
  3. Set the field to display the desired information (typically team place, team name, or team score)
  4. Repeat for each desired object in the layout

Tip: Use Copy [Ctrl + c] and Paste [Ctrl + v] to avoid setting the source for each object

Hy-Tek to ResulTV - Image 2

Hy-Tek to ResulTV - Image 3

3.   Repeat Step 2 to create a Men’s Team Score layout.

4.   Check that the settings in Hy-Tek are correct.

Hy-Tek to ResulTV - Image 4

Hy-Tek to ResulTV - Image 5

5.   Send team score information from Hy-Tek.

  1. Use Request 3 for Women’s Team Scores; Request 4 for Men’s Team Scores

Hy-Tek to ResulTV - Image 6

Learn more about ResulTV Live Data Display software here.