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ResulTV: Live Results Display Software

ResulTV is a digital display and graphic generation program that produces live results from FinishLynx timing systems. The Windows-based software allows FinishLynx operators to produce scalable result graphics for output on any compatible graphic display or scoreboard. The ResulTV software can even produce high-quality dynamic images suitable for live broadcast television or internet video streams.
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ResulTV can display any FinishLynx data (including athlete names, times, ID numbers, lane assignments, and affiliation). The software is also compatible with FieldLynx, ReacTime, and many 3rd-party meet management programs, which allows users to output start lists, athlete splits, running times, and live results.

ResulTV is designed to be an operator-free program that displays results data dynamically by using pre-configured layouts. But at more complex events, it’s also possible to have several ResulTV layouts active simultaneously so operators can toggle between layouts with a simple click.

This ability for customization means that operators can produce sophisticated, event-branded graphics for even the most complex sporting events. That’s why ResulTV has been trusted at the highest levels of competition, including the USATF National Championships and US Olympic Trials.

  • User-configurable graphics and layouts
  • Supports both static and dynamic text fields
  • Supports both static and dynamic 24-bit graphics
  • Supports live results and running times
  • Supports multiple data sources (FinishLynx, LynxPad, ReacTime, etc.)
  • Supports most 3rd-party meet management programs
  • Supports PAL and NTSC formats
  • Supports full range of Windows fonts
  • Supports foreign language characters (Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic etc.)
  • Supports transparent images and overlays
NameFile Size
ResulTV 6.314 MBDownload
ResulTV-VDM 6.313 MBDownload
KEYLOK USB Driver6 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV 6.304 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV-VDM 6.303 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV 6.213.9 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV 6.203.9 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV 6.113.9 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV 6.013.6 MBDownload
[archived] ResulTV 6.003.4 MBDownload
(Optional) Animated Flag GIFs for ResulTV353.4 MBDownload
ResulTV Datasheets
NameFile Size
ResulTV Datasheet1.6 MBDownload
ResulTV-VDM Datasheet197 KBDownload
Lynx LED Video Options271 KBDownload
ResulTV Manuals
NameFile Size
ResulTV Manual1.6 MBDownload
ResulTV 6.31 Release Notes164 MBDownload
ResulTV 6.30 Release Notes157 KBDownload
ResulTV 6.21 Release Notes203.4 KBDownload
ResulTV 6.20 Release Notes202.0 KBDownload
ResulTV 6.10 Release Notes166.3 KBDownload
ResulTV 6.01 Release-Notes51.4 KBDownload
ResulTV 6.0 Release Notes54.2 KBDownload
ResulTV Quick-Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - ResulTV171 KBDownload
QSG - ResulTV VDM148 KBDownload
Product Version: 3.6.4