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Extended Resolution & Zoom Camera Upgrade

The Extended Resolution & Zoom Upgrade (5LZOOM) for the EtherLynx Vision PRO camera extends the vertical resolution (pixel height) to 2,048 pixels and allows for the use of smaller focal length lenses. This upgrade makes the EtherLynx Vision PRO much more suitable for capturing finish lines that are very wide, or require that the camera be placed further away due to obstructions from the venue or terrain (e.g., regatta sports).
Sku: 5LZOOM   Category: Camera Upgrades
Product Version: 3.7.0
Typical Sports: EtherLynx PRO: Athletics, Rowing | With 5LZOOM Upgrade: Athletics, Rowing, Cycling, Horse Racing
Max Frame Rate: EtherLynx PRO: 3,000 fps | With 5LZOOM Upgrade: 3,000 fps
Time Resolution: EtherLynx PRO: 3.3/10,000 sec | With 5LZOOM Upgrade: 3.3/10,000 sec
Max Image Height: EtherLynx PRO: 1,350 Pixels | With 5LZOOM Upgrade: 4,000 Pixels
Digital Zoom: EtherLynx PRO: 4x (Standard) | With 5LZOOM Upgrade: 12x