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FinishLynx Version 11.00 Release & Time Trial Update

July 2020 – FinishLynx Version 11.00 has been released and is available to download from our FinishLynx Software & Downloads webpage. We encourage all FinishLynx users to update their software immediately to stay up to date with the latest features. The major feature with this version includes an update to the Time Trial plug-in. The Time Trial (TT) Plug-in will now be more flexible and give new options to help manage group (wave) starts. Keep reading below to find out more about the TT update plus other helpful updates included with 11.00.

Time Trial (TT) Plug-in Update

As we look forward to road races starting back up and cross country season, we expect many races will begin adopting new practices to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. One of these practices will be in the form of utilizing wave, or group, starts. In response to how to manage these wave starts, we’ve added flexibility to the Time Trial plug-in. You will no longer be limited to using the ID as the key field associated to a start signal. If a race is started with a wave for each team or school, select the Affiliation field and assign each start accordingly. Another option is to use the License or User3 field to pre-assign a wave to each participant. This will allow you to easily deal with last-minute changes before or even during a race. Watch the video for details on the updated Time Trial plug-in.

Lynx Wind Module Improvements 

With FinishLynx 11.00, the Lynx Wind Module will send readings back to the wind gauge when an event receives a reading, when a reading is selected from the list, and when a reading is manually entered. This is intended to allow controlling the wind gauge from FinishLynx and displaying the reading on a Gill E49821 & E49822 Countdown Timer in Wind mode connected to the Standalone Wind Gauge Controller using only 1 serial port.

Scoreboard Module Improvements

When the running time is in the Paused or Finished state, the scoreboard module will re-send the data if anything in the Event changes. This is intended primarily to allow a wind reading that comes in while in one of these states to be sent out immediately, but it will allow any Event data to be sent immediately.

Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-In

The Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-In is the latest addition to the FinishLynx plug-in family and gives a new solution for remote applications to access FinishLynx event data over the network. LDP is meant for programmers that have specific objectives such as streaming image frames or analyzing it using AI technology. If you’re interested in knowing more about he Lynx Data Port (LDP) Plug-In, contact Tech Support.


View and download the complete release notes here.