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FinishLynx 10.03 Software Release

June 21, 2017 – Version 10.03 of the FinishLynx photo-finish timing software is now available and we encourage all Lynx timers to update their software immediately. FinishLynx 10.03 has many new features, including: 

  • RadioLynx performance indicator – displays packet number of the last wireless start signal received
  • LapTime offset – easily syncs laptime device with the official FinishLynx time
  • New scoreboard scripts for Daktronics, Lynx Laptime, and Video Display Module displays
  • Updated German language file
  • New Offline Help Files include a local version of the manual for offline support in (help|contents)
  • Vision PRO Wide Pixels Mode available in 50%, 33%, and 25%
  • Vision PRO Black Levels control the brightness of the darkest portion of the image. Adjusting from zero affects the dynamic range and color saturation
  • F-Mount remote focus control  – New F-mount adapters for Vision PRO cameras offer remote focus control for Nikon lenses with a built-in focus motor
  • New Advanced FinishLynx features (see release notes)
  • Find the finish line feature re-added due to customer demand. YMMV.

See below for a list of the all the relevant downloads. View the release notes PDF and video for more information about each feature. 

FinishLynx Software Downloads & Manuals

FinishLynx 10.03 Video Release Notes