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I have the Through-Lens-Viewer with the Remote Iris feature but the Remote function isn’t working.

The key to enabling the Remote Iris feature is that the lens “Iris” must be closed all the way before inserting the lens into the Through-Lens-Viewer. This is accomplished by using the “Aperture” ring found on the back side of the lens closest to the camera body and turning the setting to the highest f-stop value. The Iris has a small spring-loaded lever arm that extends out from the mounting ring on the back of the lens. This lever must be able to catch on the lever arm for the motor of the Remote Iris feature. If the Iris is manually set open all the way (smallest f-stop, ex: 1.4), this overrides the spring-loaded lever and then the Iris will not close when using the Remote feature or will only close to the point where the Iris was last set to manually before inserting the lens.

Don’t adjust the Iris manually once it’s inserted into the Through-Lens-Viewer. Also be aware that when the lens is inserted and the levers catch for proper function, the Iris will be open to the point where it was last used when the camera was shut down.  If the lens was last used under low light, then it will be open all the way. If it’s a sunny day when you boot the camera, it may be too much light and your image will be washed out.  Do not try to adjust it manually before using the Remote feature in the software because it most likely will not change it or may slightly close the Iris depending on where the two levers were set when the lens was inserted.