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Can I send data to my scoreboard over the Ethernet network?

Yes, this is possible with all displays but there is additional software (and sometimes equipment) required.  At a minimum, the Network COM Port (NCP) plug-in is required for the FinishLynx software. A SeriaLynx device may also be required.

The NCP plug-in adds additional selections of Network (connect), Network (Listen) and Network (UDP) to the serial port dropdown in the Option menus so that an IP address and port can be utilized to send to a display board.

The SeriaLynx is a piece of hardware that receives the Ethernet connection (wired or wireless) and converts the communication protocol from Ethernet (10baseT) to serial (RS232) so that displays with a serial connection can be utilized on the network also.

The method used will depend on the scoreboard manufacturer and the infrastructure at the facility.  To explain the options and setup in greater detail, we have a Technical Support Guide on the web site.

Keywords:  scoreboard, network, ethernet, NCP