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My results are in military time (24 HR) format, how do I fix it?

Results displayed in military time are the result of not having a start time applied to a particular event. It correlates with the time of the day that the athletes cross the finish line.

If you have not already turned off the camera, open the event again with the invalid race times and look at the TOD for the first place time. Scroll down in the list of starts and find a start time which would be equal to the TOD at finish minus the time that it took to run the race.  Select this time and then click on the icon with 3 Traffic Lights (“Apply selected start to event”) and it will add the start time to the event. Next, click on the finish times and see if they recalculate and show valid finish times. You may need to try multiple starts to find the correct one.

If you have powered off the camera and are running FinishLynx 8.20 and higher, start times are saved in a file associated with each event.  Open the event with the invalid result times and then click on Event from the Menu and click on Select Start. There will be a list of about 5 start times (the number saved can be increased in the hidden settings – read Release Notes for Version 8.20), select the appropriate start time based on the finish TOD and then apply it to the event. Click on the 1st place time in the Results area and it will recalculate the results based on the new start time.

If the version of FinishLynx is older, then the only method of correcting the times is to find a Hand Time for first place and then manually do the math using the Delta time between each athlete to determine hand times.