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How do I know if I have the remote lens?

The Remote lens will say TV Zoom Lens on the inside front rim of the lens casing.  The lens is a standard 12.5 to 75 mm lens with a rectangular enclosure which holds three little motors controlled through the serial port so the Zoom, Focus and Iris can be adjusted remotely.  This lens is a C-mount lens.

The black cable with the 9 pin female connector will connect to the Remote Port on the back of the camera, or if using a Remote Positioner, it will connect to one of the serial ports on the Remote Positioner. There is an additional cable that will connect from the Remote Positioner to the Remote Port on the back of the camera.

If you have a Through-Lens Viewer, where you can look through an eyepiece to align the camera on the finish line, then it will have a manual F-mount lens.  If there is a Serial Port on the side of the Through-Lens Viewer, then the iris can be controlled remotely by connecting the Remote Port on the back of the camera to the Serial Port on the Through-Lens Viewer.

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