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Can I use the keyboard to toggle capture?

The Spacebar toggle for capture is a safety feature in case something is damaged or lost. It is not the best option for capturing because it is easy to be mistaken when it is off or on. Additionally, if you leave it on for an extended length of time, the excessive amount of image capture could bog down the computer.

The Spacebar works differently than the capture button. When you first tap the Spacebar to toggle capture it turns on capture. You must tap the Spacebar again to turn off the capture. If you are constantly stopping and starting capture because a race is spread out, it is easy to become confused whether it’s on or off. This could result in capturing moments when there are no competitors finishing.

If you go to File | Options and under the General tab, there is a dropdown for capture button and simply set it to Keyboard if you have to use the Spacebar to toggle capture. If there is no COM port available for the capture button, then the software will automatically default to keyboard capture.

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