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CS-C Mount Adapter User Guide

CS-Mount and C-Mount Lenses are two different lens mounts used for Lynx cameras. As most Lynx timers know, it’s easy to accrue many different event-specific lenses over time. The type of lens used is a crucial factor in optimizing your photo-finish camera. 

What’s similar between a CS-Mount and a C-Mount?

C-Mount and CS-Mounts are very similar; ‘C’ and ‘CS’ Mount devices all have the same screw thread. They both have a 1-inch threaded screw-on attachment.

What’s different between CS-Mount and C-Mount?

The difference is that a C-Mount Lens needs to be 5mm farther away from the Image Sensor in order to focus properly.

Why is the difference between these two lenses so important?

The CS-Mount Lens is 5mm smaller than a C-Mount Lens. An easy way to think about it is that the S in CS-Mount stands for Small. The regular C-Mount is 5mm larger. This is important because the type of lens on each camera requires a certain distance between the Image Sensor and the lens.

When to Use Which Adapter

Because Vision cameras have a CS-Mount, you need to add the CS-C Mount adapter if you install a C-Mount Lens on a Vision camera. The table below shows which mount goes with each Lynx camera. As seen below, our Vision-series cameras have a CS-Mount on the camera. You can use a C-Mount lens on Vision cameras, but a CS-to-C Mount adapter is needed.

The EtherLynx-series has a C-Mount on the camera. This allows it to use C-Mount lenses. Unfortunately, a CS-Lens cannot be used on a C-Mount because the focal distance wouldn’t be correct. The C-Mount wouldn’t allow the CS-Lens to be close enough. It would be 5mm too far from the sensor.

CameraVision PROVisionEtherLynx 2000EtherLynx FusionEtherLynx PRO
Camera’s Lens Mount FormatCSCSCCC
C-Mount LensesIs the CS-C Mount Adapter Needed?
25mm (V2513)YesYesNoNoNo
12.5-75mm (155 & C1275M)YesYesNoNoNo
8-48mm (C848 & C848M)YesYesNoNoNo
CS-Mount LensesIs the CS-C Mount Adapter Needed?
6mm (CS-612)NoNoNot Compatible Not CompatibleNot Compatible
2.8-10mm (CS2810P)NoNoNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible
5-50mm (IDL-CS5-50 f1.3)NoNoNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible

Do not use the CS-C Mount Adapter with CS-Mount lenses. Mount this lens directly to the camera.

CS-C Mount Lens AdapterCS-612 Lens

You must use the adapter with Manual and Motorized C-Mount lenses.

CS-C Mount Lens Adapter

Download the PDF Below
NameFile Size
CS-C Mount Adapter User Guide160 KBDownload

Please contact technical support with any additional questions.