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UmbrellaLynx Gunless Start & Safari Edition Cameras

April 1, 2016 —  As towns and school districts pass new legislation banning guns from campuses and public spaces, old fashioned starting pistols and shells are becoming a riskier and more controversial tool for timers. The benefit of starting guns is that the blanks produce an extremely loud gunshot noise—one that can be heard easily by athletes and spectators. But shells are also becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to find. New gun rules and fewer affordable shell options has led race timers to alternatives like the Lynx Electronic Start System. And today, we’re proud to announce an even better gun-free start option: UmbrellaLynx.

UmbrellaLynx Gunless & Noiseless Umbrella Start System

Do you own a track and field starter’s pistol? Are you tired of being hassled by parents, coaches, ADs, and TSA agents for transporting your pistol and ammo? Are you sick of ordering expensive blanks only to have them not work? We hear you. That’s why Lynx is introducing the most convenient, cost-effective, and family-friendly start system of all time.

UmbrellaLynx is a starting system for FinishLynx that is completely wireless, gunless, and noiseless. It combines features from the Electronic Start and RadioLynx Wireless Start systems, with a completely new twist. When you add UmbrellaLynx to your setup, there is literally nothing people can complain about anymore. Sure, the athletes may need some practice getting used to the visual cue of the umbrella opening. But the benefits are clear. Start your meets in style and never be hassled by ADs, parents, neighbors, or law enforcement again.


April Fools UmbrellaLynx Noiseless Start System

New Limited Edition Vision Cameras

Do you ever feel like your Vision photo-finish camera is a bit too plain? Is there a wild side of you anxiously waiting to be liberated? We’ve got you covered. FinishLynx is proud to introduce the exclusive Lynx Safari Edition cameras, featuring three ferocious new models: Giraffe, Tiger, and Cheetah. With each edition comes enhanced frame rates plus the ability to add exciting backgrounds to those photo-finish images. Capture regular timestamped results and then overlay any number of filters or enhancements. Options include:

  • Replace the white finish line background with a Serengeti or Rainforest scene
  • Replace red evaluation lines with jungle vines
  • Replace slower athletes with trees or sloths

Imagine the unlimited fundraising possibilities!

April Fools

Jungle Photo-Finish

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