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Can I send data to my scoreboard over the Ethernet network?

Yes, this is possible with all displays but there is additional software (and sometimes equipment) required.  At a minimum, the Network COM Port (NCP) plug-in is required for the FinishLynx software. A SeriaLynx device may also be required.

The NCP plug-in adds additional selections of Network (connect), Network (Listen) and Network (UDP) to the serial port dropdown in the Option menus so that an IP address and port can be utilized to send to a display board.

The SeriaLynx is a piece of hardware that receives the Ethernet connection (wired or wireless) and converts the communication protocol from Ethernet (10baseT) to serial (RS232) so that displays with a serial connection can be utilized on the network also.

The method used will depend on the scoreboard manufacturer and the infrastructure at the facility.  To explain the options and setup in greater detail, we have a Technical Support Guide on the web site.

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FieldLynx fails to receive a wind reading despite the gauge being connected and working. How can I correct this?

If the Wind Gauge (WG) starts the countdown and takes a reading, check the following:

  1. Check the battery in the WG. A low battery may cause the failure. Try plugging the wind gauge into an AC source to determine if the device works with sufficient power.
  2. The USB to serial adapter may be the cause of the issue. On some Win7 computers the adapter will output commands but will not receive data. Try connecting the WG to the Camera C-Box or camera back serial connections.

If the countdown does not start on the WG, check your connections and setup in the Wind Options.

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Why can’t I connect to the Access Point (AP) with my FieldLynx device?

Each Access Point (AP) purchased from Lynx System Developers should be labeled with the pertinent information for your wireless setup. The IP address should be set in the protocol. The SSID is typically set to “Lynx” and is the name you should see broadcast in the list of available networks. Each FieldLynx unit should have it’s own unique static IP in the same protocol as the AP.

  1. Ping the AP from one of the computers on the wired network
  2. Check the IP address of the FieldLynx device (
  3. Search for available SSID “Lynx” with the wireless card
  4. Connect to the “Lynx” network

If some of the steps above are not working, you should have your equipment available and call technical support (+1 978-556-9780) so that they can help troubleshoot your equipment.  If the AP was purchased from another supplier and set up by the customer, please have the manual available because we may not be familiar with the AP you are using.

FieldLynx is now running on the Windows OS. FieldLynx technology may be updated by purchasing Netbooks. The Netbooks provide a stronger and more reliable wireless network card. Netbooks also add the option to run field events on a wired network and contain USB ports to add direct connections to field even displays and wind gauges.

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Why doesn’t the computer recognize the USB adapter (COM ports)?

Usually this is because the driver was not initially installed or an old driver was used when updating to a new operating system (OS). Confirm that you have the appropriate driver for your device and Windows OS and then install the driver. You may have to uninstall the old driver if it is installed on the computer.

You can find the current driver for the USB adapter we supply with FinishLynx packages on our web site (

Plug the device into a USB port after driver is installed and then let Windows recognize the device. Windows 7 OS will usually prompt with a bubble in the bottom right showing that the device installed successfully and display the COM port number assigned.

If you need to confirm the COM port number, this can be found in the Control Panel under Device Manager and listed under Ports.

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My USB adapter is installed, but the COM port isn’t listed in the dropdown.

COM port options are populated when FinishLynx is initially opened.  If the USB adapter is plugged in after FinishLynx is opened, then it will not appear. You must restart FinishLynx and the device will be listed as a COM port in the dropdown.

If the COM port still does not appear in the dropdown, check the Device Manager found in Control Panel and verify the USB adapter is listed and working properly. The COM port number should be listed beside it in parenthesis if it is working properly.

If the device is listed but has a small yield symbol next to it, there is a problem with the device or connection.

In this case, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the device into a different USB port
  2. Reinstall the driver for the USB adapter
  3. Plug in the USB adapter and let the Windows OS recognize the device (a pop-up window will display that the “device is installed and working properly”)

If the device is not listed in the Device Manager, then follow steps 2 and 3 above.

Another possible issue with the COM port listings in FinishLynx has developed due to changes in the technology. If the USB device is listed in Device Manager under Ports, then it is possible that a hidden setting may need to be changed in FinishLynx that was developed in version 8.5.

  1. Hold down Ctrl + Shift while in FinishLynx and go to File | Options
  2. A Hidden Settings window will open
  3. Click on the plus (+) sign next to SerialPort and select TypeMask
  4. Change the value to -1
  5. Close FinishLynx and restart to apply the new settings

+ \SerialPort\TypeMask now defaults to -1, which causes all types of COM ports to be listed.

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