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Why is there a red (pink) tint on my IdentiLynx video feed when it boots?

If the IdentiLynx+ or XR+ video feed shows up incorrectly (usually pink), it means that the camera’s infrared (IR) filter did not enable correctly during the boot-up. Rather than rebooting the IdentiLynx camera, you can access the camera’s settings directly via the browser. This video shows you how to toggle the IR filter and fix the color issues without rebooting all your network cameras.

How do I use the Electronic Level Indicator in FinishLynx?

The EtherLynx Vision camera offers an optional Electronic Level feature which displays an indicator inside the FinishLynx software to show whether or not the camera is level. Adjust the Vision camera’s swivel until Electronic Level indicator shows green and 0.0 degrees. The Electronic Level indicates how many degrees the camera is away from being perfectly horizontal (level with the ground).

Watch the tutorial here

How do I know if I have the remote lens?

A remote lens will always have a cable coming out of the housing. The black cable with the 9-pin female connector will connect to the Remote port on the back of the camera, or if using a Remote Positioner, it will connect to one of the serial ports on the Remote Positioner. There is an additional cable that will connect from the Remote Positioner to the Remote port on the back of the camera.

To learn more about common lenses offered, visit our Lens & Mounts help page.

What is the IP address of the camera so we can ping it to make sure it is working?

The camera is assigned an IP address by the computer upon booting. The IP address is the next one in sequence with that computer. If the camera does not boot, it will not be assigned an IP address and therefore cannot be pinged.

If you want to verify the IP address of the camera, you can open the Camera Settings window and the IP of the camera is listed under the Setup tab.  For ease of troubleshooting, we recommend using the standard IP protocol found in the Quick Start Guides.

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Where should my camera be located in relation to the finish line?

The camera should always be in the plane of the finish line.

The distance back and height can vary greatly based on your camera lens and the light source available. We recommend having the camera between 10 to 15 feet from the track and 10 to 15 feet high.

Some things to consider:

  1. Before building any permanent structure, you should test your lens in the location you desire. Make sure that the lens works with a standard setting and doesn’t require digital enhancement to get all the lanes on the track.
  2. If the camera will be used under stadium lights, make sure there is enough light to reflect off the objects and back to the camera to provide readable images.

It’s also helpful to mount the camera higher so that the view of each lane allows you to see over the torso of each competitor rather than attempting to look through a solid object.  As the height increases, it helps to also increase the distance from the finish line so that the hip numbers are clearly visible and not distorted from a steep camera angle.

If you have a special situation where the camera must be placed in a specific location, let our sales representative know or contact technical support and we can help determine the best lens for your facility.

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