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Why does my IdentiLynx load to 32% and then produce “Error 202”?

Some versions of windows require added permissions to enable the IdentiLynx camera. To correct the issue of an IdentiLynx not loading, simply close FinishLynx and run the program as administrator by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator” as seen below.

If this does not correct your issue, please check that there are no conflicting IP addresses on your network and contact Lynx technical support if needed.

You can find more solutions and best practices in the IdentiLynx Troubleshooting Guide.

Can I send data to my scoreboard over the Ethernet network?

Yes, this is possible with all displays but there is additional software (and sometimes equipment) required.  At a minimum, the Network COM Port (NCP) plug-in is required for the FinishLynx software. A SeriaLynx device may also be required.

The NCP plug-in adds additional selections of Network (connect), Network (Listen) and Network (UDP) to the serial port dropdown in the Option menus so that an IP address and port can be utilized to send to a display board.

The SeriaLynx is a piece of hardware that receives the Ethernet connection (wired or wireless) and converts the communication protocol from Ethernet (10baseT) to serial (RS232) so that displays with a serial connection can be utilized on the network also.

The method used will depend on the scoreboard manufacturer and the infrastructure at the facility.  To explain the options and setup in greater detail, we have a Technical Support Guide on the web site.

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FieldLynx fails to receive a wind reading despite the gauge being connected and working. How can I correct this?

If the Wind Gauge (WG) starts the countdown and takes a reading, check the following:

  1. Check the battery in the WG. A low battery may cause the failure. Try plugging the wind gauge into an AC source to determine if the device works with sufficient power.
  2. The USB to serial adapter may be the cause of the issue. On some Win7 computers the adapter will output commands but will not receive data. Try connecting the WG to the Camera C-Box or camera back serial connections.

If the countdown does not start on the WG, check your connections and setup in the Wind Options.

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What do I need to use an RFID Chip System with FinishLynx?

There are a lot of RFID systems on the market and not all interface with FinishLynx. Before you purchase an RFID system to interface with FinishLynx, confirm that it does work with our system.

All customers integrating a Chip System will need the LapTime plug-in for FinishLynx. You can contact sales for a quote.

Some systems will interface with a serial connection while others will interface with an Ethernet connection. If your RFID system requires an Ethernet connection, then you will also need the Network COM Port (NCP) plug-in for FinishLynx. You can contact sales for a quote on the NCP plug-in. Once the LapTime plug-in is installed with FinishLynx, you will be able to go into the LapTime options and set up the communication protocol for your system.

Please read the manufacturer’s technical manual to ensure that you set up the communication protocol correctly for their reader.

How do I export the video from IdentiLynx to post on the web?

FinishLynx can export the IdentiLynx (IDL) video as an .avi file. There are many new features added to the IDL functions so you may also want to read some of the release notes so that your IDL is used to its full potential.

View the PDF:[wpfilebase tag=file id=61 /]

Steps to export video:

  1. Do not click in the IDL image or you will select a single pixel to export on each frame
  2.  If you want a specific area to export, you can left-click and hold, then drag a box around the image area you want exported
  3. Using the player controls at the top left of the image box, bring it to your start frame and select First and then drag it to your end frame and select End
  4. Go to Image | Export video
  5. View your IDL video in one of the media players to make sure you get the desired quality

Read the Release Notes on IDL features and discover the ability to add images (company logos) to the video frames or add a time stamp to each frame so you have a running time on the images as you play back the video.

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Why isn’t SeriaLynx sending data to the display board or receiving data from a wind gauge?

There are multiple components to the setup of a SeriaLynx in the FinishLynx system.  Check the following before reading the Technical Support Guide or contacting Technical Support:

  1. Make sure all wires are connected and secure
  2. Confirm that you can ping the SeriaLynx device (if wireless, ping the Access Point first and then ping the SeriaLynx)
  3. Check the Scoreboard (Wind) options in FinishLynx and make sure the correct IP address and port are selected

To get more in-depth information on the process, download and print the Technical Support Guide listed in the FinishLynx Support Files or consult the SeriaLynx product manual listed below.








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Contact Technical Support here


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